Two decades of insight: Domain strategy and you in 2019

As we approach twenty years of experience as a brand protection and corporate registrar business, I am excited to say that MarkMonitor remains a trusted strategic partner to our many Fortune 1000 clients.

By combining proprietary data and analysis with unmatched industry expertise, MarkMonitor delivers solutions that enable our clients to make meaningful decisions to maximize the utility and value of their domain name portfolios within the context of their brand protection strategies.

Domain Strategy Team

MarkMonitor provides a variety of solutions to our clients, including those offered by the Client Services Organization, comprised of subject matter experts, Client Service Managers (CSMs), and a Domain Strategy team. This last group is made up of specialized professionals, called Client Partnership Managers (CPMs), as well as other key staff who provide customized research, analysis, and guidance for our clients.

The Domain Strategy Team has developed data-driven products, such as Geo-Targeted Domain Scoring™ while continuing to offer consultative support to provide a spectrum of strategy solutions to our clients:

Geo-Targeted Domain Scoring™

MarkMonitor’s Standardized domain scoring provides a practical, actionable framework for assessing the health of a domain portfolio. Our proprietary algorithm scores domains on a thousand point scale.

Variables combine business factors (e.g. prevalence of a particular brand string within a portfolio) with objective market benchmarks (e.g. global popularity of specific TLDs, keyword search volumes, and traffic estimates) to arrive at individual scores. Results are uploaded to the MarkMonitor portal and easily exported for further review, allowing for identification of potential portfolio adjustments and cost-savings.

For clients whose businesses are concentrated within their home geographic region, MarkMonitor is pleased to offer modified, Geo-Targeted domain scoring, which emphasizes domains in TLDs with geographic affinity to a company’s HQ location. Domains in globally significant TLDs will not disappear entirely from the core (i.e. highest-scoring) domain group, but domain scores will reflect a clear emphasis on local region.

Portfolio Advisory Services

Utilizing the Domain Scoring methodology, as well as unique client requirements, MarkMonitor experts help clients in right-sizing their domain portfolios.

In doing so, the perceived value of each domain is assessed, identifying (low-value) candidates for registration lapse and (high-value) domain names for recovery and/or registration, resulting in optimization recommendations through the prism of a client’s risk tolerance. This helps our clients continue to make significant decisions that result in the aligning of their domain portfolio with their business needs.

Brand launch service

Launching a new brand in the digital age is a complex process, with moving parts spanning multiple business groups and frequently involving external agencies.

Oversight is an ever-present risk. As experts in the corporate domain space, MarkMonitor offers the guidance required to ensure that online IP, domain names and social media handles are properly integrated into the launch process, and don’t become a casualty of complexity.

Next steps

Contact your Client Services Manager for more information about any of these strategy offerings or other domain consulting needs, and we will be happy to engage our Domain Strategy Team to work with you.

As we open a third decade of providing our clients industry-leading level of security, service, and technology, allow us to deliver and develop the optimal strategies to enhance your domain portfolio management and brand protection approach.