Trust me, I'm unsecured - said no great website ever

The SSL saga continues.

Security certificates are becoming increasingly more important for establishing trust as more users transact online. Threats of online identity theft and fraud have led consumers and business partners to demand assurance that personal, financial and business data remains safe. New changes in internet standards and web browsers are giving websites that use HTTPS a leg up and are actively distrusting unsecure sites that remain on HTTP.

Mid-October will herald the release of Firefox 63 and Chrome 70. As a result, users who visit websites with missing or outdated SSL certificates will be greeted with security warnings.

Managing a global portfolio comes with enough challenges on its own, but factor in SSL certificates and you’ve got your work cut out for you. And today, browsers are more transparent than ever in displaying your certs – or lack thereof.

Preparing your business with better security

It’s important to utilize a domain service that offers all available methods of domain validation, covers SSL certs across entire websites and provides end-to-end security. A single, integrated platform is helpful when it comes to renewals so that you aren’t missing important dates for each certificate.

As the first of the web browsers adopts the HTTPS Everywhere standard (which aims to bring trusted content to every page on the internet), make sure you have the right information and certificates for your pages, so that changes don’t disrupt your business by labeling your site “not secure.”

Not sure of the impact for your job function? If you’re in doubt, it’s worth exploring. Certificate management has expanded beyond IT into marketing and legal departments, which tend to have a high stake in demonstrating that a website is genuine.

Next steps to build trust

Listen to our podcast, featuring Jeff Barto of DigiCert, for everything you need to know about the current certificate landscape, so your websites continue to be trusted in every way. You’ll learn how to provide assurance to visitors, so that your site continues to garner consumer trust, no matter what changes lie ahead.

It’s time to demystify the world of SSL certificates.

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