Third Innovation Forum: Driving innovation through academic and industry partnerships

Organizing its third Innovation Forum in Bangkok, Thailand on November 1, 2019, Clarivate Analytics brought together more than 70 C-level and senior executives from the academic, industry and government sectors.

Attendees watching the “Lifecycle of Innovation” video, from Clarivate Analytics.
Photo courtesy of Clarivate Analytics.


The primary goal of this full-day event was to explore the roles of industry-academic collaborations in driving innovation in Thailand 4.0, and the data needed to make these partnerships a success.


Jeroen Prinsen, Vice President and Head of Australasia and Southeast Asia, Clarivate Analytics.
Photo courtesy of Clarivate Analytics.


Prof. Dr. Krissanapong Kirtikara, Chairman, Thailand Science Research and Innovation (TSRI).
Photo courtesy of Clarivate Analytics.


Key takeaways included:

  • Government initiatives and policies play an important role in promoting industry-academic collaboration
  • The role of leaders is very important in bridging boundaries and fostering stronger ties between business and research
  • A good, long-term partnership between academia and industry is about sharing risk and accountability, not only benefits
  • The three key pillars of a successful collaboration include:
    • Finding a good cultural match, one with common areas of interests
    • Allocating the right resources and sharing resources and budget adequately
    • Early establishment of processes, for example, stating IP ownership and benefits clearly in the contract
  • While collaboration can take many forms, it does help to have a system in place to ease the processes of collaboration and innovation


In addition, Lee Inn Beng, Director of Government Strategy & Engagement (Southeast Asia) of Clarivate Analytics moderated a 45-minute panel discussion on demystifying academic-industry collaboration to drive successful innovation . The distinguished panelists comprised preeminent local experts from Thailand Science Research and Innovation, National Innovation Agency, National Science and Technology Development Agency, Food Innopolis, SCG and Prince of Songkla University.


Panellists prepare for “Demystifying academic-industry collaboration to drive successful innovation.”
Photo courtesy of Clarivate Analytics.


The panelists discussed the following themes:

  • Merits of industry-academic collaboration
  • Harmonization of the diverse needs of industry and academia to create win-win partnerships
  • Mobilization of talent in fostering successful collaborations, and the role of government policies in this regard
  • Leveraging local R&D strength to attract international partners and open markets for commercial products from Thailand
  • Early management of expectations between industry-academia to foster successful collaboration in the future


Learn more: download the speakers’ slides here, or view additional event photos.