Part I: The latest on our People, Data and Technology

At CompuMark, the success of trademark professionals is our number one focus. It’s what drives us every day to develop and deliver new trademark research solutions underpinned by the powerful combination of our people, data, and technology. Here’s Part I in our series:

The cost of free: Industrial design research

In our 2019 Trademark Ecosystem Report, 35% of IP professionals experienced industrial design infringement in 2018. As the volume of industrial design registrations increases, it becomes ever more important to thoroughly vet prior to filing. In an effort to save money, some choose free methods of searching. While that might seem cost-effective, what is the true cost of these “free” approaches? Is free really “free”?

What’s in a name? Everything. 

When you combine AI with the most comprehensive data set available for trademark professionals, you get innovative solutions for unique challenges, including the endless iterations that can come with name generation. Now with CompuMark’s Naming Tool, you can generate name candidates and help support decisions between legal and branding with trademark clearance in mind. Interested? Learn more.

How technology is transforming trademark research

“As brand channels, strategies, and tactics we haven’t even thought of today become the norm tomorrow, technology will be essential for protecting brands.” For even more insights from Sandra Mau, founder of Trademark Vision, about how technology is transforming the trademark landscape read on.


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