Southeast Asia

McKinsey report and Clarivate data identify global innovation’s pivot to Asia

IP activity in Asia has undergone two unmistakeable shifts in recent years, both spearheaded by Mainland China. The first has progressed over the long-term and seen Asia become a global innovation hub and take the lead in global patent filings. The second shift, which has taken place much more rapidly, concerns a pivot away from […]

Asia drives critical innovation for the region and the world

Innovation is more important than ever in today’s fast-changing world, and Asia’s place in the global innovation ecosystem has never been more critical. A new report  from Clarivate explores Asia’s IP landscape across domains, trademarks and patents. Intellectual property (IP) research and protection play an essential role in accelerating the pace of innovation. IP allows […]

Taiwan and Innovative Contracting – A Look at What’s Ahead

Global healthcare systems are noticing a shift towards value-based healthcare with an increased focus on managing rising expenses. Innovative contracts, also known as value-based contracts or managed entry agreements, are attracting payers and providers who are relentlessly looking for ways to expand access and contain costs. Finance- and outcomes-based arrangements comprise the essential categories of […]