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Advice for early career peer reviewers — A peer review Q&A with Robert Faff

The secretive nature of peer review makes it hard for early career researchers to know what is expected of them when an editor requests they review a manuscript. Below, in the newest installment of our Q&A series, experienced reviewer Robert Faff (University of Queensland) speaks with Publons about tips for early career reviewers. Robert Faff is a […]

Peer review essentials for the beginning peer reviewer

This continues a series of guest pieces and interviews by experienced peer reviewers on advice and insights for early-career reviewers. Elisabeth Bik is a Research Associate at the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Stanford University’s School of Medicine. She received her PhD at Utrecht University in The Netherlands and worked at the Dutch National Institute for Health […]

Nine things to consider when selecting IP analysis software

We’ve worked with thousands of IP professionals spanning R&D, portfolio management, patent licensing, IP litigation, M&A and more. Many intellectual property professionals struggle to compare the many patent analysis platforms available in the marketplace because their features tend to sound the same. With this checklist, anyone considering a patent search, patent analytics, or intellectual property […]