Peer Review

The what, why, and how of preprints and peer review

Preprints: what they are how they can help improve your research skills. Preprint servers have been around for almost three decades [1], so if you’re a researcher, chances are you’ve heard of these by now. Preprint servers were created to speed up scholarly publishing and allow authors to receive peer feedback on their preprint manuscripts […]

Editors’ guide to finding peer reviewers

Need help finding peer reviewers who are reliable and motivated? Read Publons’ comprehensive guide for editors. We provide tips, advice, and the latest technology to find journal reviewers and avoid peer review fraud in today’s publish or perish culture. Solutions for finding journal reviewers (at a glance): Recognize your peer reviewers Enhance review transparency at your journal […]

Review a manuscript like a pro: 6 tips from a Publons Academy supervisor

Peer review getting you down? Have you been asked to review and don’t know where to start? Or have you tentatively submitted a few reviews and never been quite sure if you’re doing it “right”?   That’s okay: there are tips you can learn to make the process easier and more robust–for you, the authors, […]

It’s not the size that matters

We celebrate 300K reviewers on Publons with a new data project: join us as we uncover the average length of scientific peer review across disciplines, journals, and countries, and question what it means for review quality. One of the most important criticisms of the peer review system is that it is much too slow. It […]

What’s new in the ScholarOne Manuscripts v4.22 release

Preventing peer review fraud Peer review, at the heart of research, is the last bastion safeguarding the integrity of science. Maintaining the vigor and trustworthiness of this process is critical; otherwise all of scholarly communication is at risk. In an effort to assist publishers with identifying potentially fraudulent peer reviews, the upcoming ScholarOne Manuscripts v4.22 […]

Who’s using open peer review?

The 10th annual International Open Access Week kicked off on Monday, celebrating the benefits of opening up access to research and scholarship. Open Access refers to the free, immediate, online access and use of scholarly research results. But it’s not a stand-alone concept. Since the 1990s the ideas surrounding open access gained momentum alongside other […]

Sneak Peek at Peer Review Week

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the activities you’ll see from the Clarivate and Publons teams next week during Peer Review Week 2017.

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