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Ten hacks for staying ahead of Information Disclosure Statement Filings

How do you manage & organize Information Disclosure Statement submissions to ensure all important prior art is submitted?  The patent prosecution process has many important milestones, but perhaps none more important and critical to the health of your issued patent than Information Disclosure Statement (“IDS”). Submitting relevant prior art materials in a timely and consistent […]

Information Disclosure Best Practices: Navigating the Risks of IDS Filings

Patent practice is unique in many ways. One such way is that negative information known to those who are substantively involved in the prosecution of a patent application must be disclosed to the patent examiner during patent prosecution. This is accomplished by preparing and filing an Information Disclosure Statement (IDS).  The rule is easy enough […]

Ten hacks to gain a valuable edge in your patent searches

Patent searching is by no means an exact science. With a plethora of search tools and consulting practices to choose from, there is no “one size fits all” to guarantee the successful capture of all relevant prior art. But if you follow these best practice guidelines, the chances of obtaining more targeted, accurate results will […]

Ten IP department hacks: When you need to achieve more with what you have

Doing more with less is easily said but not as easily done. This is especially true in how IP professionals manage their department and workload.  Whether it’s wringing the most value out of your filing budget, eliminating time-consuming docketing backlogs or fulfilling IDS filings on time, managing an IP practice is full of challenges and […]

What’s in a name? The art and science of determining patent ownership

Patents are rights of ownership.  They confer the right to exclude others from using your invention without permission which you may grant freely, under license, or not at all.  The control of how the rights are used resides with the owner.  Establishing true ownership is important when assessing a technology landscape or identifying potential competitors, […]

Search smarter with Smart Search

You know how long it takes to formulate a conventional search strategy using source material to identify the correct keywords, synonyms, classifications and so on to capture a reasonable answer set, not to mention the time taken to review the search results to find the few nuggets that may be contained within.  And then trying […]

Five questions you have to answer before you conduct an effective patent search

  Five questions you have to answer before you conduct an effective patent search. Download report If you work in an industry that involves making and selling products, you are going to need to do patent searches.  This shouldn’t surprise you.  Regardless of what technology your company works in, you will want to protect your […]