Repeal, Replace and Paul Ryan: How the Republicans Plan to Reform Healthcare Reform

Donald Trump’s White House victory has once again cast the future of the Affordable Care Act into doubt. Throughout the presidential campaign, Trump repeatedly promised to “repeal and replace” the ACA, a mantra of the GOP since the controversial law was enacted in 2010. But a wholesale repeal of so-called Obamacare is highly unlikely, as […]

Election 2016: Did pharma win or lose?

Does he govern as a populist or as a generic Republican? That’s the question pharma policy hands must be asking themselves after an election in which both candidates beat up on pharma for its pricing practices. The prize has gone to a decidedly non-traditional candidate of the traditional party of business. Donald Trump ran against […]

The What and Why of Budget Impact Models

Budget Impact Models (BIMs) are increasingly important tools for global healthcare decision-makers, both in the public and private sectors. Decision-makers in many regions including Australia, North America, Europe (England and Wales, Spain, Belgium, France, Hungary, Italy and Poland), South America (Brazil and Columbia), Asia (South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand), and Israel have requested BIMs to […]

Paying for Performance: EFPIA’s Catch-22 for European Drug Pricing

A leaked internal paper could signal a tidal shift in European drug pricing as companies and payers continue their combined march toward value-based pricing. However, the concession by industry could come at a price to payers, namely their reliance on cost containment measures such as external reference pricing, which suggests that this roadmap is just […]

Russia: Capricious or Compulsory Licensing?

Though compulsory licensing of pharmaceuticals in the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) is quite commonplace, Russia has historically bucked that trend. However, facing some diseases in epidemic proportions and with the high cost of therapies – especially those for HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C – 2016 may be a turning point in Russian […]

Are Narrow Networks the key to telemedicine growth?

While we keep hearing telemedicine is the future of healthcare and ready to register exponential growth at any moment, advocates are still waiting for that one unifying factor that could push it to the mainstream. That factor could be the advent of accountable care networks. As the healthcare industry continues to move away from fee-for-service […]

Oil and Healthcare: Oil Prices Create Havoc in the Land of Soccer and Samba

Until recently, Brazil – like many other oil producing countries – benefited from high oil prices, experiencing years of economic growth and prosperity. However, in the two years since oil prices began falling in 2014, much has changed. 2016 should be a year of celebration in Brazil, which will be hosting the 31st Summer Olympics; […]

More exchanges with a lone insurer on tap for 2017

Despite a few outliers, most state exchange markets have avoided the stigma of only offering plans from a single insurer. That will change in 2017, although it might say less about the Affordable Care Act’s success or failure than the staying power of those markets’ historic compositions. While the many rural counties nationwide have faced […]

Interventional Oncology – here come the big guns

One of the fastest-growing and most dynamic markets covered by the medtech team here at DRG is the field of interventional oncology. Although both ablation devices (used to a heat, cool or even electrocute tumor tissue in order to destroy it) and embolization particles (used to plug up vessels feeding tumors, in order to control […]