Looking back: Intellectual property highlights from 2019

As we look forward to a new year, my colleagues and I at Clarivate Analytics wanted to share our selection of the most significant intellectual property related events from 2019 involving patents, trademarks, copyrights and domain names. In no particular order, here are our top ten IP highlights from 2019: The United States Supreme Court […]

Patent analysis reveals India’s steady growth in innovation across all industries

With analysis driven by Derwent, a new report from Clarivate Analytics explores locally filed patents as a measure of innovation in India. A country’s innovation output can be assessed by its patent publication trends. In India, the presence and continuous expansion of hundreds of research and development centers is testimony to the abundance of intellectual […]

Third Innovation Forum: Driving innovation through academic and industry partnerships

Organizing its third Innovation Forum in Bangkok, Thailand on November 1, 2019, Clarivate Analytics brought together more than 70 C-level and senior executives from the academic, industry and government sectors. Attendees watching the “Lifecycle of Innovation” video, from Clarivate Analytics. Photo courtesy of Clarivate Analytics.   The primary goal of this full-day event was to […]

IP translations for patent prosecution: The benefits of using a centralized provider

Patent filing costs, of which translations are a major component, have increased dramatically over the years.  While most foreign associates and law firms provide translation services as part of their filing support, this approach can be suboptimal, incurring pass thru costs and no guarantee of quality deliverables. When it comes to translation work, there are […]

Why outsourcing your patent translations is an intelligent decision

Translation has traditionally been a necessary but low-profile part of a company’s patent and intellectual property business. Now, with the continued growth of the IP landscape and a need to seek IP protection across international borders, it has become a vital part of the overall IP workflow that is receiving more attention. Many organizations, forced […]

Ten hacks for leveraging illustrations to maximize the value of your patents

When it comes to patents and patent applications, a picture is indeed worth a thousand words.  A single high-quality drawing can allow an inventor to capture the essence of a complex idea in a simple, clear, and unambiguous manner.  However, some inventors and applicants find it time consuming, tedious, and expensive to have high quality […]

IP translations – Balancing risk against cost

Whether you are a patent attorney, paralegal, patent agent, researcher in an IP services firm or even an inventor, there is an obvious temptation to consider using low cost translation providers.  Patent translation can be a major drain on budgets, especially in the area of international patent prosecution. In this publication we examine whether the […]

Blockchain: Disruption or Hype? Key Webinar Takeaways

There is little doubt that blockchain is an emerging technology for a huge number of industries and applications. Is it something that every organization who innovates should pay attention to? What exactly is blockchain, and why is it considered so disruptive? Combining forces with Dr. Nigel Clarke, Head of Patent Information Research for the European […]

Life after death: the post-expiry patent royalty payment loophole

Maximizing the value of your patent portfolio is a key objective for any organization.  The bulk of that value comes from commercialization of products under patent protection. But what about those patents that are unused or unwanted? Realizing a return on these types of patents usually revolves around their sale or license which provides another […]

Ten hacks for staying ahead of Information Disclosure Statement Filings

How do you manage & organize Information Disclosure Statement submissions to ensure all important prior art is submitted?  The patent prosecution process has many important milestones, but perhaps none more important and critical to the health of your issued patent than Information Disclosure Statement (“IDS”). Submitting relevant prior art materials in a timely and consistent […]