Median Asking Price for Patents on Brokered Market Dip

The median asking price for all asset types, including U.S. and foreign patents and applications sold through the brokered patent market, fell during the quarter to about $108,000, compared with about $167,000 in the second quarter of the year, according to a new report.

What’s next for the USPTO?

What will the future of the US Patent and Trademark Office look like after President-elect Donald Trump takes office?

Joint Patent Licenses Catch on in Wireless

Five big holders of cellular patents, including Qualcomm, are joining an effort proposed by Ericsson AB to jointly license patents in an emerging field called the Internet of Things.

Happy 75th Anniversary to the Jeep® Patent!

The patent for the Jeep recently turned 75 years old. Issued on April 7, 1942, United States Patent No. 2,278,450 is titled “Military vehicle body,” according to the IP Watchdog. The patent itself describes the versatility we’ve come to know Jeeps for, showing just how visionary it was at the time it was conceived.