Derwent Ten Hacks

Ten hacks to unlock the value of patent analytics

By Parijat Oak (Associate Director, Intellectual Property Services) and Ed White (Director, Patent Analytics) Patents are a valuable source of technical, market and competitive information. But how do you make sense of the vast and growing volume, with 120 million published patent documents in total and 6.3 million published last year alone? Patent analytics provides […]

Ten hacks to gain a valuable edge in your patent searches

Patent searching is by no means an exact science. With a plethora of search tools and consulting practices to choose from, there is no “one size fits all” to guarantee the successful capture of all relevant prior art. But if you follow these best practice guidelines, the chances of obtaining more targeted, accurate results will […]

Ten hacks for managing patent translation requirements

The globalization of innovation has led to an increasing need to seek IP protection across international borders. The requirement for accurate and timely translations is a critical part of this process. In this edition of our Ten Hacks series, we reveal some useful tips that could potentially help you to reduce both costs and the […]

Ten IP department hacks: When you need to achieve more with what you have

Doing more with less is easily said but not as easily done. This is especially true in how IP professionals manage their department and workload.  Whether it’s wringing the most value out of your filing budget, eliminating time-consuming docketing backlogs or fulfilling IDS filings on time, managing an IP practice is full of challenges and […]