Strengthening the IP ecosystem

In this blog series, we discuss how Clarivate helps customers unlock the full value of their IP to drive competitive advantage. In this post, we focus on the IP ecosystem and the role high-quality IP intelligence plays in strengthening it.


Complementary strengths

The IP ecosystem is made up of four broad categories of organizations: corporations, law firms, patent and trademark offices, and IP intelligence providers like Clarivate. When we all work together, we all benefit. Each has a distinct role to play, complementing each other’s strengths.

At Clarivate, we are committed to supporting this ecosystem with solutions that enhance and leverage our customers’ strengths in ways that benefit us all.


Quality matters more than ever

Our ability to fulfill this commitment demands that we deliver the highest quality solutions. Our laser focus on IP data, technology and expertise enables us to continually advance the state of the art in IP research and analytics. That’s how we can provide our customers with the IP industry’s most accurate, reliable and actionable information.

That’s a bold claim – but we can back it up.


Putting us to the test

Recently, we engaged an outside, independent firm to compare results from Derwent Innovation™ and three other patent search platforms across four technology domains. The results were dramatic proof that all patent search tools are not the same.

Derwent Innovation returned 79% more relevant results than the next closest competitor. The leading competitor missed 44% of relevant results found, on average, by Derwent Innovation. Also, more than half of their search results, on average, were not relevant at all. The other competitors performed similarly or worse.

Delivering greater accuracy translates into more confident decisions, less wasted time and reduced risk of missing important findings. These advantages are critical to all IP professionals—and to the businesses they support.


Investing in our core strengths

Quality doesn’t just happen. It requires ongoing investment in people, technology and processes. Our acquisitions in recent years have been guided by our strategy of building upon our core strengths in IP research and IP asset management.

In some cases, we look to external partnerships to enhance the quality and value of Clarivate solutions. For example, to support customers who rely on Clarivate to manage their IP rights payments, we partner with IP insurance leader PAMIA to provide the highest levels of liability coverage in our industry. This gives our customers tremendous peace of mind, freeing them to focus on their businesses as they know that they are protected from a loss due to a rights lapse. It also reflects the confidence we have in our own ability to handle this critically important IP management task.

The IP landscape will continue to evolve, but one thing is certain: the need for high-quality, reliable data will only become more critical. At Clarivate, we’re committed to serving this essential need and strengthening the IP ecosystem.

Thank you for your continued trust and partnership.


To learn more, please see our recent report on the critical role IP plays in enabling organizations to stay a step ahead of disruption—and how Clarivate is realigning its data, technology and expertise to meet the needs of a rapidly changing business landscape.

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