See the broader picture: Darts-ip global IP case data is now at your fingertips

Analyzing the litigation and administrative cases relating to a trademark or owner provides valuable insight for making trademark decisions and managing brand risk. Now, that insight is yours with the integration of Darts-ip global case data with CompuMark™ research and protection solutions.

A strategic acquisition

The recent acquisition of Darts-ip, the global leader in IP case data and analytics, by Clarivate Analytics™ brings together two IP leaders with complementary data sets. Integrating Darts-ip and CompuMark data and analytics provides you with critical insight on trademark enforcement activity, so you can make more informed strategic decisions at every step—screening, searching and protecting your marks.

Integrated view

In a single, seamless workflow, you can now analyze information on trademark registration, administrative and judicial cases, prosecution and litigation insights, and common and civil law data for a mark of interest. Evaluate third-party enforcement behavior, assess your risk of conflict and gain competitive insights—all just a click away in the Analysis Tool on SERION.® Save time and effort by combining your trademark and case research.

Authoritative, global data

Darts-ip has the most complete, searchable collection of IP case data. Access more than 3.3 million trademark cases from over 140 countries and over 3,500 courts, plus domain and copyright cases. More than 1,300 European law firms rely on Darts-ip data to make critical decisions—now you can, too.

Just the beginning

This is just the first step in our integration with Darts-ip content. We have additional, high-value capabilities in the works to give you even greater insight within your CompuMark workflow

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