Quality education: Ensuring a sustainable future for intellectual property [World IP Day 2022]

Continuing the celebration of World IP Day 2022, Aman Gata-Aura, Strategy Manager at Clarivate™, shares her thoughts on how sustainability and quality education are key for supporting young people and the future of intellectual property.

According to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), there are around 1.8 billion people under the age of 25 in the world today, with 90% living in developing countries. Unlike the youth pre-1990’s, many have grown up connected to the rest of the world in some way or another. Internet access and mobile phones have changed the way the world, particularly the younger generation, interacts, innovates and learns—setting the stage for a future brimming with collaboration and connection.

This year’s World IP Day 2022 theme was IP and Youth: Innovating for a Better Future, and WIPO celebrated by helping young people learn how to drive change for a positive future and understand how IP can support their efforts. The responsibility to provide for youth and the future of IP does not solely belong to WIPO or Patent and Trademark Offices—we also have corporate and individual responsibilities to youth and future generations.


Ensuring a sustainable future for IP

In a recent blog, Clarivate Chief Analyst and VP of IP and Innovation Research, Ed White, discussed the role of IP, the need for technical progress and the importance of talent in the innovation process. It’s also important to examine the impact that our – and our customers’ – commitment to sustainability has on youth and the future of IP.

At Clarivate, our range of IP solutions support customers in protecting and enforcing their IP rights across global industries, while helping them advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For example, we have helped one the world’s biggest supermarket brands clear trademarks for their range of sustainable goods, forming part of their overall commitment to sustainability (SDG 12). Our Patent Analytics service has supported a global automotive manufacturer in innovating sustainably through a patent landscaping project (SDG 9).

Sustainability at Clarivate isn’t just something we do, it’s everything we do. As outlined in our latest annual sustainability report, we advance the SDGs, directly or indirectly, through both our responsible business practices and products and services.

The report’s ‘SDG mapping’ across all the SDGs identifies where Clarivate is having the greatest impact, with a special focus on SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being, SDG 4: Quality Education, SDG 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, and SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production. The theme for World IP Day this year is linked especially closely to SDG 4: Quality Education as this goal is key for giving young people the tools to build a better future.




Opening to doors to quality education with ProQuest

The recent acquisition of ProQuest™ has given Clarivate considerable scope to advance and deliver on our commitment to SDG 4. ProQuest offers a range of scientific and educational research resources and products, and we acquire and curate industry-leading academic, scientific and health content through a single point of access platform. Our advanced data assists and empowers researchers, teachers and librarians around the world.

This offering extends beyond comprehensive content sets with our range of customer enablement tools such as library management, discovery, resource sharing, research management services and more. The extensive ProQuest datasets can support and educate youth by providing tools and content that could enrich their creative thinking to innovate for a better world.


Supporting young people through the Global Mentorship Initiative

Clarivate also advances the SDGs through our Colleague Resource Groups, including the Clarivate Volunteer Network (CVN). For example, Clarivate is a corporate partner of the Global Mentorship Initiative (GMI) and the CVN is committed to growing this partnership. Since the inception of the partnership in 2020, Clarivate mentors have completed more than 180 mentorships, with more than 55 Clarivate mentors choosing to mentor multiple students.

GMI prepares underserved college students around the world for success in their job search by providing them with the tools and guidance needed to be successful. This is accomplished through a structured, short-term, online, one to one mentorship with a business professional. The GMI program gives students the opportunity to showcase their talent, build a professional network and gain exposure to the global job market. The program focuses on building effective LinkedIn profiles and strong CVs, developing interview skills, and preparing for the workplace. Spread over 14 hour-long sessions, each Clarivate colleague mentor facilitates their student mentee’s learning by delivering the course materials prepared by GMI and adding their own lived experience.

“Participating in the Global Mentorship Initiative was one of the most rewarding volunteer activities I’ve ever done. It’s incredible how determined, responsible and grateful these students are…and I also learned a lot!”

Sonia Barrios Millan, Office Coordinator, Clarivate


Talent acquisition at Clarivate

The Clarivate Futures program actively seeks and hires interns and graduate talent, introducing them to – and training them for – a career in IP. Diversity and inclusivity ratios are embedded in the program. Interns and graduate colleagues have an immersive experience, learning best-in-class technologies and simultaneously having the opportunity to apply them in real world projects. After a successful first year, we are excited to expand the program globally as we move through the second year.

In all that we do, Clarivate is working towards a better and more sustainable world, and we can’t wait to see what the future brings.

“Young people are the innovators, the creators and the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Through their creativity and ingenuity, young people in all regions are driving change and carving pathways to a better future. World Intellectual Property Day 2022 celebrates this exciting generation of change-makers.”


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