Powering the world’s leading research and assessment organizations

Since 2009, with the help of researchers and universities worldwide, Clarivate Analytics has profiled the world’s leading universities and research institutions, using an exclusive set of key performance indicators for our Institutional Profiles initiative.


With the demographic data and the annual academic reputation survey from the Institutional Profiles project, combined with publication and citation data from InCites, Clarivate Analytics is the leading source of content and analytics for ranking research organizations around the world. These rankings are evidence of the trusted, high-quality data and analytics our organization provides, used by governments, administration, faculty, students and many others as they make education and funding decisions. Clarivate Analytics is proud to be the data provider for:

  • Reuters Innovation Rankings:
  • US News & World Report Best Global University Rankings
  • Annual Ranking on World Universities (ARWU)
  • CWTS Leiden Ranking
  • U-Multirank
  • University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP)
  • Round University Rankings
  • I-UGR Rankings
  • National Taiwan University Rankings


With “rankings season” coming up soon, take control of your institution’s rankings.  Improving rankings is an important goal for any university, especially with the ever-increasing competition for top talent and grant awards. Become an innovation leader and understand what drives research excellence:

  • Regularly re-evaluate your position within the broader academic landscape to stay ahead of emerging trends
  • Understand how your institution, or set of institutions, executes against their vision and within the cohort or market in which they compete
  • Evaluate all institutions in a country or market using a single visualization to show how each fits into the wider academic landscape
  • Examine the linkages between internal strategies and external rankings
  • Demonstrate your impact on a local, regional and national level