New InCites user interface offers intuitive workflows and dynamic, in-product guidance

InCites Benchmarking & Analyticswill soon launch a new user interface. The new design is based on feedback from the global InCites community. Read the post below from InCites Product Director, Miguel Garcia to learn more about this update. 


The advent of the Science Citation Index and later the Journal Citation Reportsignited the development of the field of bibliometrics. The field has since grown exponentially with the increasing availability of data and attention to the different metrics available for various use cases. We at Clarivate have continued to contribute to this discipline in many ways, namely with the creation of Essential Science Indicators and InCites, our bibliometrics platform for benchmarking and analytics. 


A fresh interface for an evolving user community

InCites was launched in 2014 to respond to users’ assessment needs at the time. Over the years, both these  needs and the technology available to support them have evolved. We are now proud to announce a refreshed user interface (UI) for InCites Benchmarking & Analytics, to  be released at the end of September 2020. 



“Our users told us that the InCites data is unmatched, and some of the metrics would be impossible to calculate and use if it weren’t for the platform.”


The new interface has been designed based on feedback from users all over the world through interviews and focus groups. We are very thankful to have such an engaged community who shared their time to provide constructive feedback and help evolve this complex bibliometrics tool. 

Our users told us that the InCites data is unmatched, and some of the metrics would be impossible to calculate and use if it weren’t for the platform. However, the product had a steep learning curve and took time to master. 


New options offer intuitive guidance and quicker navigation

The new InCites will have a simpler landing page with more information about the purpose of each feature. We will also provide a set of starter analyses to guide first-time users through standard bibliometric use cases. Descriptions will sit alongside each indicator, as well as interactive pop-ups clearly explaining the big changes. 



In addition to more intuitive design and training features, we have also added faster navigation options for expert users who prefer a quick journey to their desired graphic or table. We have redesigned layouts to provide more visibility to items that are frequently used, giving them a larger part of the screen’s real estate. 

To minimize impact to the work and decision-making process of our community, we have introduced many smaller changes over the last several months. 

A more intuitive and user-friendly tool democratizes and provides transparency to the understanding and appropriate usage of bibliometrics, which is one of our primary goals as a business. We continue to work with the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI)at Clarivate, which has pioneered the organization of the world’s research information for more than half a century, to provide advice on best practices for InCites indicators and visualizations. We look forward to sharing news of other upcoming features that we will bring to the platform soon. 


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