The new citation report in Web of Science

Citation report is one of the most frequently used analytics on the Web of Science platform since it gives users a quick snapshot of the citation metrics for their search results.  Whether you are searching for an author’s collective works or for a scientific topic, the citation report is the place to see the cumulative times cited for a group of papers, as well as the H-index.  It also shows the level of self-citation within a set of results.  The visualizations include a trend of papers on the Web of Science platform, as well as the annual count of citations, helping to highlight which topics, authors, and institutions are trending upwards or downward.  The citation report is available at the Web of Science platform level, as well as within individual citation databases like the Web of Science Core Collection.

Later this month, you will see a brand new look to our citation report. We are making the citation metrics and trends you rely on easier to view and utilize. You will quickly be able to select a year range for your analysis and export your data.  Try out our new citation report in the coming weeks.  For a preview, check out this brief video: