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Molina’s hunt to grab small MCOs expands growth into new markets

Well known for its acquisitions, Molina Healthcare expanded its existing Medicaid markets and entered a few new markets in 2020. Molina’s strategy to target small private plans and utilize its operational experience has been successful in boosting its growth. California-based Molina Healthcare is one of the nation’s largest managed Medicaid organizations with Washington, California, Michigan, […]

Remote monitoring devices: patient perspectives and implications

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increased focus on remote monitoring technology within the U.S. healthcare sector. Legislation such as the bipartisan Remote Patient Monitoring Access Act has been introduced to help hospitals use federal funds for remote monitoring devices, as the demand for those devices is projected to rise. Though the role […]

Searching for the silver lining: COVID-19 and influenza

Clarivate Epidemiologist Mike Hughes discusses how the pandemic’s public health restrictions have impacted seasonal influenza spread.   Signals from the southern hemisphere suggest we’re about to see a silver lining in the current pandemic: a sharp reduction in the number of seasonal influenza cases due to public health restrictions. We’ve modelled how these restrictions may […]

Formulary attributes: An influencer of drug access

A review of  2019 prescription drug sales in the United States reveals Humira, Enbrel, Revlimid, Imbruvica and Keytruda to be on top of the chart (DRG Sales data). Their specialty status and utilization volume make these drugs ideal candidates to ascertain relation between formulary management in commercial plans and drug access.  Highlights of the analysis […]

CMS unveils new alternative payment models targeting rural health and therapy areas

CMS continues to evolve its alternative payment model strategy to include downside risk, where providers assume financial risk for quality and cost of care.  Approximately 36 percent of U.S. healthcare payments were tied to alternative payment models in 2018 per the Health Care Payment Learning & Action Network. CMS announced three shared-risk APMs earlier this […]

How is covid-19 changing provider–supplier relationships?

The current pandemic continues to affect the healthcare supply chain continuum, such as by disrupting the flow of critical supplies and equipment such as PPE, ventilators, and masks. Due to the increased demand for critical supplies, providers are incurring additional costs as they work to meet the needs of patients and staff. COVID-19 has also […]

Delays in clinical trials present opportunities for pharma companies to evolve

COVID-19 has upended clinical trial timelines – putting billions of forecasted sales at risk and delaying getting life-saving treatments to patients. This analysis from Garima Kaul, Senior Director, Research and Insights, Decision Resources Group, part of Clarivate, and Jamie Munro, Executive Director, CIRS explores the opportunities that delays in clinical trials present for pharma companies. […]

PICC vascular access market: competitive factors and strategies

Clarivate vascular expert Jackie Lui shares findings from her analysis of the PICC vascular access market, reviewing key competitive strategies and takeaways for strategists. While some argue that peripherally inserted central catheters (PICC) have become overused, their refined and more careful use — mainly as infusion devices — remains  beneficial. Advantages of PICCs as vascular […]

How are peers registering homeless patients?

Providing adequate treatment and a positive patient experience to homeless patients starts at the point of registration. Having effective strategies in place to identify whether a patient is homeless is important, as they may not readily provide this information. Leaders must also establish processes for registering homeless patients, preventing a bill from being sent to […]