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UnitedHealth Prefers Oncology Biosimilars Over Roche’s Herceptin, Avastin

Effective Oct. 1, 2019, UnitedHealthcare will be adding utilization criteria for Avastin and Herceptin for members under commercial and community health plans. United is adding a requirement that patients use the biosimilars Kanjinti and Mvasi prior to using the original cancer drugs. Mvasi (bevacizumab-awwb) is the first FDA-approved biosimilar to Avastin (bevacizumab) for the treatment of […]

Connecting the dots between data sources

Recently, there’s been a lot of buzzy talk about “building the data lake,” with some companies trying to build out and manage massive internal “raw” data stores. That’s great as far as it goes, but these efforts often suffer from a set of faulty underlying assumptions – namely, that data is scarce (it’s not) and […]

Limited distribution drugs 101

What are limited distribution drugs? “Limited distribution drug” status is generally assigned to specialty medications with complex regimens to manage. These drugs are expensive, accounting for around 45 percent of the pharmacy drug spend per Express Scripts’ 2018 drug trend report, and require special handling, administration, or monitoring. The therapy areas with the highest number […]

4 Smart tech-based solutions to unique healthcare challenges in India and Japan

Takeaways from the Philips Digital Health Conclave 2019 Unique challenges require unique solutions, and recent advancements in digital healthcare capabilities are increasingly enabling healthcare companies and providers to create tailored solutions to various issues that are specific to particular localities and populations in an efficient and cost-effective manner. A number of such solutions were on […]

Tracing the Treatment Journey Using Real-World Data

Like the pharmaceutical industry as a whole, the market research and business intelligence functions within have experienced a tremendous transformation over the years—and continue to change. With increasing pressure on resources, heightened competition, and growing complexity of the market landscape, market researchers and the teams the support often need to do more with less, deliver […]

States Continue to Explore a Public-Option Plan to Offer Affordable Healthcare

In May 2019, Washington became the first state to pass legislation to create a public option health plan. Other states are following a similar path, but are at different stages of the process. Several other states are planning to expand coverage options, reduce costs, and increase access to affordable healthcare options.   What is a […]

Pharmaceutical innovation in the APAC region

 First-of-its-kind study ranks companies The Asia Pacific (APAC) region, already a strong contributor to global market growth for the pharmaceutical, is poised to make continued gains in the coming years.  To understand what is on the horizon, we undertook an extensive, data-driven analysis of innovation in the region – the first such analysis to focus […]

Regulatory reform in China enhancing clinical trials review and approval

In order to encourage innovation, speed up access to new drugs and meet the needs of patients, an updated investigational new drug (IND) review procedure was created in China and has been in effect for just over a year. The change drew discussion at both the DIA China 2019 meeting in Beijing in May as […]

A Look at PBM Drug Spending: Trend Fueled by Specialty Drug Growth

Annual trend reports from the national pharmacy benefit managers can yield a wealth of knowledge and insights. Several key trends emerged through analysis of the 2018 drug trend reports from CVS Caremark, Express Scripts, Prime Therapeutics, and MedImpact. Analysis can be found in the chart below, or downloaded here. IngenioRx* and OptumRx** reports are not […]

The Evolving Dynamics of Access and Reimbursement in China

Market access and reimbursement in healthcare is a persistent problem in China despite a rapidly expanding and increasingly affluent middle class. Although about 95% of the 1.4 billion Chinese people are covered under the government’s public insurance schemes, the coverage is inadequate because of the high out-of-pocket costs for patients and poor coverage of innovative, […]