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Cell and Gene Therapies: Five Key Access and Reimbursement Strategies

Cell and gene therapies are revolutionizing the field of medicine by offering life-changing benefits to people with rare diseases and cancers. These therapies have been gaining considerable attention recently, both for addressing long-standing unmet needs and for being exceptionally pricey. As of October 2019, five cell and gene therapies have been launched in the United […]

Tenofovir alafenamide fumarate raises targeting questions

In the race to bring generic drugs to market, Paragraph IV patent challenges are now an unavoidable fact of life. The question is no longer if there will be a patent challenge, but when and by whom. In the current hypercompetitive environment, no company can pursue all possible targets, so understanding the potential competitive landscape […]

Cortellis report: M&A value decreases by 7% to $105.3bn in Q2 2019

In early 2019, we released an in-depth analysis of 2018 deals activity. Here, we examine more recent activities and discuss mergers and acquisitions in the second quarter of 2019.   More deals, but lower total value Total disclosed biopharma mergers and acquisitions (M&A) value dropped slightly in the second quarter of 2019, down 7% from […]

Massachusetts Enhances Ability to Negotiate Medicaid Drug Rebates

Massachusetts Enhances Ability to Negotiate Medicaid Drug Rebates Massachusetts FY 2020 Budget includes strengthened ability for the state to seek supplemental rebates from drug manufacturers for drugs purchased through MassHealth, the state’s Medicaid program. The effort could be a blueprint for other states seeking to reduce state spending on some of the highest cost drugs […]

Implications of updated WHO Essential Medicines List

The WHO recently published an updated version of its list of essential medicine and diagnostics. The first WHO essential Medicines List, published in 1977, was a needed revolution in healthcare as it helped establish that medicines fulfilling unmet needs are essential yet remain inaccessible to too many. Since then, the list has been updated every […]

Report: Biopharma licensing eclipsed $33 billion in Q2 2019

Earlier this year, we released an in-depth analysis of 2018 biopharma deals activity. Today’s blog examines more recent biopharma partnering activities, focusing on licensing deals in the second quarter of 2019.   Biopharma licensing booms with a 47% increase compared to Q2 2018 Total disclosed biopharma licensing exhibited strong growth in worldwide spend during the […]

Results from PARP Inhibitor Trials Point to Drastic Changes for Ovarian Cancer Management

What ESMO 2019 announcements mean for the future of the ovarian cancer market and patient care PARP inhibitors have shown extremely encouraging data that could help pave the way for an entirely new treatment algorithm in ovarian cancer. These agents have given patients the opportunity for more effective treatments in the frontline and recurrent settings. […]

Malignant Melanoma – Is Cure a Possibility?

5-year survival data from CheckMate-067 trial released at ESMO 2019, highlighting the efficacy of immunotherapy in the treatment of malignant melanoma, regardless of BRAF status In the last decade, immunotherapy has revolutionised the treatment of malignant melanoma. Before 2011, no effective treatment was available for this chemotherapy-resistant cancer, and patients with metastatic disease (stage IV) […]