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Get the insights you need on the Coronaviruses from Clarivate Analytics

Access the world’s leading research and late-breaking news on this rapidly evolving health emergency. A global health emergency can occur without warning, as we are currently experiencing with the rapidly-spreading coronavirus outbreak. As scientists attempt to develop vaccines and treatments as quickly as possible to meet the increasing needs of those affected, medical researchers and […]

Listen, educate, recognize: a winning formula for staff engagement

In its frequent communication with revenue cycle leaders across the country, there is one area of focus that continues to cause anxiety and uncertainty: staff engagement and retention. The reasons for this are well known – ranging from an inability to compete for qualified staff, to unaligned job descriptions, hours, and pay grades within the […]

Top 10 Predictions for US Managed Markets in 2020 & Beyond

Last year, healthcare insurers laid the groundwork for collaborations that will continue through 2020 as they transition from a focus on geographic expansion, benefit design changes, and organizational up-sizing to vertical alignment and enhanced benefits. Meanwhile, patient outcomes, value-based care, and patient experience will continue to receive a large share of attention, while rising healthcare […]

Top 10 PBM Industry Macrotrends in 2019 & What to Expect in 2020

The PBM industry saw some significant changes in 2019, as some of the largest forces in the market vertically integrated and began implementing disruptive programs that redefined the way pharmacy claims are processed in the U.S. The disruptive strategies spanned from drug acquisition (the way PBMs negotiate discounts with pharma clients) through drug delivery (the […]

Benefits of HTA implementation in the Middle East and North Africa

Health Technology Assessment (HTA) has become one of the most anticipated regulatory advancements across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) due to its potential to modernize healthcare systems through innovative evaluation of healthcare interventions. Stakeholders see HTA as a tool to optimize healthcare resource allocation through transparent decision making.   The current state of […]

The ROI of RPA and AI in the revenue cycle

It’s Not About Reducing Staff HBI data reveals that the rate of hospitals or health systems that have implemented artificial intelligence for any revenue cycle function has not widely increased over the past year, but automation has shown some forward movement in comparison. Based on the conversations revenue cycle analysts have conducted with HBI members […]

The microbiome mystery: Gaining insights through data mining and analysis

The recent buzz around the microbiome and its effects on human health has both generated and resulted from an exponential growth in research and related publications. In fact, there’s been a 5000% increase in publications in PubMed over the last 15 years – a recent search for “microbiome” returned 62,260 results: 12,971 published to date […]

Biopharma licensing activity in Q3 2019 51.8% higher than in Q3 2018

Total disclosed biopharma licensing exhibited strong growth in worldwide spend during the third quarter of 2019, driving a 51.8% increase to $37.2 billion from $24.5 billion in the same time period in 2018 (Figure 1). 1,377 new deals (excluding mergers & acquisitions and divestments) were registered in Q3 2019, an increase of 23.4% from 1,116 […]

Express Scripts a Pioneer: Launches Curated List of Digital Therapeutics

What are digital therapeutics? According to the Digital Therapeutics Alliance, digital therapeutics “deliver evidence-based therapeutic interventions to patients that are driven by high quality software programs to prevent, manage, or treat a medical disorder or disease. They are used independently or in concert with medications, devices, or other therapies to optimize patient care and health […]

9 steps for modernizing your medtech account segmentation strategy

The complexity of the medtech purchasing ecosystem has rendered a traditional approach ineffective. Here’s how to get up to speed. Account segmentation and targeting used to be a pretty straightforward business: Examine CMS claims data to get a read on volumes being performed and compare against historic sales into the account to prioritize sales rep […]