9 steps for modernizing your medtech account segmentation strategy

The complexity of the medtech purchasing ecosystem has rendered a traditional approach ineffective. Here’s how to get up to speed. Account segmentation and targeting used to be a pretty straightforward business: Examine CMS claims data to get a read on volumes being performed and compare against historic sales into the account to prioritize sales rep […]

4 Smart tech-based solutions to unique healthcare challenges in India and Japan

Takeaways from the Philips Digital Health Conclave 2019 Unique challenges require unique solutions, and recent advancements in digital healthcare capabilities are increasingly enabling healthcare companies and providers to create tailored solutions to various issues that are specific to particular localities and populations in an efficient and cost-effective manner. A number of such solutions were on […]

Renal Denervation is Making a Comeback – What You Need to Know

In the latest post of this series, we provided an overview on the story of renal denervation and an update on the latest developments in this technology. In brief, though results from the Symplicity HTN-3 trial were disappointing and led to a pause on progress in this field in 2014, more recent clinical trials demonstrating […]

Medtronic drives innovation, eyeing new products to stay on top

BioWorld MedTech™, the global medical device news service from Clarivate Analytics, developed a series of articles on how key companies in the industry approach innovation. Below is an excerpt from the profile of Medtronic plc. Click here to access to the full series. Medtronic plc is the largest pure-play med-tech company in the world by […]

Evolus Set to Enter the Aesthetic Botulinum Toxin Market – How will Competitors React?

Competition in the US aesthetic botulinum toxin market is set to increase with the launch of Evolus’ Jeuveau—the first new botulinum toxin approved by the FDA since Merz Pharma’s XEOMIN in 2010—this spring. In a market dominated by Allergan’s BOTOX, several investors and industry members have questioned how Evolus will enter this already competitive space […]

From Start to Future—The Artificial Pancreas Forecast

Medical Technology Forecast It is estimated that, in 2017, nearly 415 million adults had diabetes (both Type 1 and Type 2), and this number is expected to increase to 630 million by 2045. Diabetes patients on insulin therapy have traditionally relied on multiple daily injections (MDI) or insulin pump therapy with continuous glucose monitoring (CGM). […]

The Impact of Disruptive Technology on Healthcare in Developed Versus Developing Nations

What to know: Disruptive technologies continue to be introduced by medtech companies in an effort to address the unique needs of both developed and developing countries. In the developing world, technology is helping rural populations access care and to assist in locating new healthcare facilities. In developed nations, the wealth of patient data is being […]

11 Unique Tech Solutions That are Transforming India’s Healthcare

Growing opportunities and challenges in the Indian health care system The health care sector in India continues to exhibit impressive growth in both revenue and employment opportunities. With a CAGR of 16% in the period 2008-2022, the Indian health care industry is projected to reach a valuation of $372 billion by 2022 and to create […]