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Point-of-use cleaning in the or: What does supply chain need to know?

Point-of-use cleaning, recommended by numerous industry organizations, is an OR process of rinsing instruments during the operation and preparing them for transportation to the decontamination area or sterile processing department after the procedure concludes. A number of industry organizations advise that all reusable instruments should be wiped—and any lumens flushed—with sterile water between uses during […]

Strategically designing worklists to assign accounts to staff

Productivity is a perennial area of focus for HBI members, and while monitoring accounts touched per hour (or another metric) is common, most leaders do not intend for numerical goals to detract from overall quality. In fact, low quality work often requires rework, which in turn decreases productivity. While not the only solution, assisting staff […]

New blood pressure guidelines arrive: key takeaways for clinicians and patients

Towards the end of 2017, new guidelines on the appropriate range for blood pressure readings were released in a joint consensus between the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association. These guidelines recommend a decrease in the systolic and diastolic readings that constitute what a healthy blood pressure looks like and a re-categorization of elevated […]

Impactability is the next step for predictive analytics

As health organizations shift from reactive to preventative care, many decide to focus on analyzing patients’ risk of succumbing to certain conditions. Organizations typically assign a “risk score” for each patient to allow clinicians to easily assess which patients are at a higher risk of an event that may require intervention. While such initiatives typically […]

Cultivating a well-trained revenue cycle workforce

Over the past year, we have seen a pattern emerge within the revenue cycle community that is inhibiting staff members from performing their duties at the highest level. When speaking with our members, we noticed a lack of consistent training for all staff on the core concepts of basic revenue cycle processes, which is frequently […]

Are you compliant with medicare reporting for medical device credits?

In recent years, medical device credit payments have been closely examined by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, as many hospitals have been found non-compliant with reporting requirements. For instance, the Office of Inspector General released a report in 2018 highlighting more than 200 health systems in the United States that did not fulfill […]

The sodium bicarbonate shortage: Causes and tips for managing it

Currently, a staple medicine, sodium bicarbonate solution, has come in short supply, precipitated by recalls, manufacturer delays, and increased demand. Sodium bicarbonate is primarily used to rebalance the pH of patients whose blood has become too acidic. According to a recent article, “A Vital Drug Runs Low, Though its Base Ingredient is in Many Kitchens,” […]

Keeping the peace: considerations for a disruptive patient behavior policy

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, roughly 75% of work-related assaults reported from 2011 to 2013 took place in a healthcare or social service setting, and 80% of the incidents reported in 2013, alone, were caused by patients. As gatekeepers to patients’ access into a facility, frontline staff are not only susceptible to such […]

Promoting Customer Satisfaction in Healthcare

Although providing excellent customer service is a necessary component for the success of most businesses, the healthcare industry has typically been slower to adapt practices that place a heavy focus on customer satisfaction. In fact, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index‘s 2017 Utilities, Shipping, and Health Care Report, hospitals achieved a customer satisfaction score of 75 […]

Structuring compensation for physicians with administrative duties

As healthcare organizations focus on expanding physician leadership, they may find themselves needing to determine how to compensate practicing providers for time spent on administrative duties. Research suggests that annual, hourly, or per-meeting stipends are typical compensation structures for part-time administrative responsibilities. But the real challenge often lies in determining a payment rate that’s fair […]