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The ROI of RPA and AI in the revenue cycle

It’s Not About Reducing Staff HBI data reveals that the rate of hospitals or health systems that have implemented artificial intelligence for any revenue cycle function has not widely increased over the past year, but automation has shown some forward movement in comparison. Based on the conversations revenue cycle analysts have conducted with HBI members […]

Category management: the key to collaboration?

Sourcing and purchasing departments should function symbiotically—two parts of procurement whole. However, many organizations find that the alignment is not as strong as they would hope, which has led to some self-reflection on the best way to build symmetry into the departments. This can come down to a question of philosophy. What are your organization’s […]

Proven methods to improve door-to-needle times for stroke patients

Accounting for about 133,000 deaths per year, stroke ranks fifth among all causes of death in the United States, according to the American Heart Association. This life-threatening condition occurs irrespective of age and can lead to serious long-term disabilities. With May being recognized as National Stroke Awareness month, it serves as a reminder to hospitals and […]

3 ways epic users tackle denials

Earlier this year, HBI hosted a roundtable discussion on analyzing and managing denials. This topic is of constant interest in HBI’s membership community, but best practices often vary by organization. For example, geography and size can shape payer and patient mix, staffing structures, and available technology—ultimately steering how revenue cycle leaders choose to handle denials. […]

How can I advance our value analysis committee?

Many hospitals and health systems have had long-standing value analysis committees in place for several years now. Traditionally, these committees often approved the purchase of new items based on price neutrality or savings. However, many value analysis committees are evolving past this model, finding it restrictive to introducing new technologies and ostracizing to clinicians. As […]

Setting expectations for courier services providers

Recent mergers and acquisitions have resulted in a complex process of integrating individual care sites into an organization’s central network system. With an emphasis to reduce overhead and operating costs, hospitals should focus on centralizing their freight spend to generate cost savings. Organizations are generally aware of inbound and outbound shipment costs related to courier […]

Tips for implementing a successful nurse leadership rounding program

With the healthcare industry’s focus shifting toward a more patient-centered care delivery model, organizations are looking for innovative approaches to improve their rounding practices. One such approach to rounding aimed at improving patient engagement is the involvement of nurse leaders in the rounding process. While establishment of such a program certainly seems to boost patient […]

Insourcing or outsourcing interpreter services, which option is best?

Q&A with HBI Principal Director Tina Williams. HBI Principal Director, Tina Williams, spent three years overseeing the interpreter services program for a 1,000-bed academic medical center. During that time, she gained significant insight into the pros and cons of outsourced and insourced interpreter service models, owing to the demand for services, the culture of the […]

Must dos for a successful employee career ladder program

As many as 75% of the total U.S. workforce will be comprised of the millennial generation by 2025. This brings with it a variety of shifts in recruitment, training, and retention practices, as well as the general attitude towards work and career. In a poll of more than 3,500 revenue cycle leaders by the staffing […]