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A new healthcare frontier: Maintaining momentum and innovation

As preview to the 2021 Fall Member Retreat, from Healthcare Business Insights, part of Clarivate, we share how hospitals are adapting to a new, better tomorrow. While some businesses and communities may still aspire to “go back to normal” when COVID-19 transitions from pandemic to endemic, healthcare organizations face a landscape that has been forever […]

Establishing an in-house medical equipment company: Q&A with Teresa Dail

In this interview, Teresa Dail, chief supply chain officer at Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC), shares how organizations can set up an in-house process to provide medical equipment and supplies to both inpatients and patient homes. The following article has been edited for length and clarity.   Could you describe the environment before using internal […]

12 domains of public health workforce development

In this article, guest author Jimmy Johnson, Supply Chain Strengthening Advisor at University Research Co., LLC, shares key workforce development domains to improve health outcomes. Jimmy is an experienced supply chain professional in the healthcare and retail markets, both domestically and internationally. For 16 years he was director of supply chain management at Howard County […]

Healthcare Business Insights 2021 Virtual Summit: Top four themes for hospital executives

Clarivate Executive Director Jerica Hopkins distills the top themes and takeaways from the Healthcare Business Insights 2021 Virtual Summit, where hospital executives gather to learn, share best practices and network about industry challenges and opportunities. This past month, Clarivate hosted its 2021 Healthcare Business Insights Virtual Summit, Converting crises into a new era of modus […]

Drugs to Watch: What are the drivers and barriers for future blockbusters?

In this episode of Conversations in Healthcare, Mike Ward and market experts break down the opportunities and potential threats for 2021’s Drugs to WatchTM – – four drugs expected to be blockbusters by 2026.     Mike Ward: Hello. My name is Mike Ward, and welcome to Conversations in Healthcare, a podcast and video series […]

Patient advocates speak out on partnering with life science companies

What does patient centricity mean from a patient’s point of view, and what kind of support do patient advocates need from life science companies? Three prominent patient advocates shared their perspectives. In 2010, Nick Sireau, a London-based father of two boys with the rare progressive genetic disease alkaptonuria (or AKU, also known as “Black bone […]

Best practices hospitals can adopt during vendor standardization: Q&A with Lori Goucher

In this interview, Lori Goucher, system clinical value analysis manager at Intermountain Healthcare, discusses best practices and success drivers in hospital vendor standardization.  The first step in reducing product variation and standardizing vendors is to define a strategy based on industry best practices and internal business intelligence. By pulling data from the organization’s multiple information […]

COVID-19 vaccines: Social media user sentiments and strategies to encourage administration

Although the pandemic continues to influence lives around the world, recent advances in vaccine development and distribution offer hope for relief. However, there is still uncertainty and misinformation surrounding the efficacy and safety of the vaccines. Clarivate experts Shubhita Thukraal and Vyshnavi Manda uncover consumer and healthcare worker attitudes based on analysis of social media […]