How Common is In-Office Dispensing of Oral Prostate Cancer Drugs?

The growing trend of physicians dispensing of oral oncolytics directly to patients disrupts the U.S. reimbursement system’s traditional reliance upon insurers’ specialty pharmacies. Key finding:  Three quarters of oncologists and urologists surveyed by DRG reported that their practices have the capability to dispense oral prostate cancer drugs through their practice’s licensed pharmacy (most common) or […]

Forecasting the Market Impact of Generic Xeljanz

What are the most important factors to consider when forecasting the launch of generic Xeljanz? Pfizer’s Xeljanz was the first Janus kinase (Jak) inhibitor to launch in a major market, after its approval as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in the United States in 2012. It is now approved in all major markets for […]

How Disney is Disrupting Orlando Healthcare

American employers experimenting with direct provider contracts usually do it on a small scale, but Walt Disney World Resorts in Orlando is fully committing with provider HMOs that insure most of the company’s Orlando workforce. With a possible 70,000 Orlandoans receiving care solely from the provider networks of Orlando’s two largest integrated delivery networks, the […]

Shire’s Takhzyro expected to dominate in hereditary angioedema

The 2018 edition of Drugs to Watch, the annual industry forecast and analysis from Clarivate Analytics,  anticipated the approval and market entry of Shire’s Takhzyro (lanadelumab).  The drug was approved in the U.S. under accelerated review, with Orphan Drug, Fast Track and Breakthrough Therapy status, as expected in August 2018, for the prevention of hereditary […]

The contribution of Type 2 diabetes to the disease burden in South Africa

In South Africa, 1,826,100 cases of diabetes were reported in 2017, corresponding to a prevalence of 5.4%. Overall, numbers are reported to be increasing over time. Diabetes also ranked high among the top 10 leading natural causes of death, accounting for 5.4% of deaths (year 2015). Approximately 14% of ischemic heart disease, 10% of stroke, […]

Testing Times: The Need for Non-Invasive Diagnostics in NASH

This week marks the first International NASH Day, an initiative designed to increase both physicians’ and the general population’s awareness of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) and to try and address the current unmet needs associated with the disease. Despite increasing focus on NASH treatment development from the pharmaceutical industry, there is still a clear unmet need […]

Digital Medicine: The Connection Between Pharma and Medical Devices

In recent years, two major healthcare sectors—pharmaceuticals and medical devices—have become increasingly connected through advancements made in digital medicine. Digital medicine is the application of technology in healthcare, not just to better understand and track physiological systems, but also to process the vast amounts of data generated by medical devices that can collect patient data, […]