A Look at PBM Drug Spending: Trend Fueled by Specialty Drug Growth

Annual trend reports from the national pharmacy benefit managers can yield a wealth of knowledge and insights. Several key trends emerged through analysis of the 2018 drug trend reports from CVS Caremark, Express Scripts, Prime Therapeutics, and MedImpact. Analysis can be found in the chart below, or downloaded here. IngenioRx* and OptumRx** reports are not […]

The Evolving Dynamics of Access and Reimbursement in China

Market access and reimbursement in healthcare is a persistent problem in China despite a rapidly expanding and increasingly affluent middle class. Although about 95% of the 1.4 billion Chinese people are covered under the government’s public insurance schemes, the coverage is inadequate because of the high out-of-pocket costs for patients and poor coverage of innovative, […]

Biktarvy, the booming blockbuster, drives HIV market

From gene therapies and vaccines, to combination therapies and antibodies, treatments in the Cortellis Drugs to Watch 2018 report were varied both in action and target. The  Cortellis team featured 12 potential blockbusters last year which had forecasted sales of more than $1 billion by 2022.  One treatment stood out, due to its achievement of […]

Evolution of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) in China

Asian pharma markets have been in the limelight for some time now for increasingly dynamic drug policies, expanding coverage, increasing affordability and potential economies of scale. While Indonesia and the Philippines are striving towards universal healthcare coverage, South Korea and Taiwan are focusing on managed entry agreements. China is not behind in the race with […]

The AbbVie-Allergan Acquisition and the Road Ahead

Have allergan’s CNS and ophthalmology franchises been underestimated? AbbVie’s long-term growth strategy finally shapes up with the acquisition of Allergan. The acquisition gives an immediate scale and profitability to AbbVie’s growth, bringing new therapeutic segments which include Allergan’s leading medical aesthetic business. AbbVie’s strategic portfolio diversification was widely anticipated to minimize its overt dependence on […]

Record new drug approvals: ‘fleeting success’ or here to stay?

With a record 59 new drugs approved by the FDA and 42 new active substances recommended for authorization by the European Medicines Agency, 2018 was a profoundly productive year for biopharma. In a new analysis, Jamie Munro and Helen Dowden from Clarivate Analytics examine whether 2018 represents “a fleeting success” or if there are underlying […]

Intermountain Plays Pivotal Role in Optum-DaVita Deal

In a big healthcare merger or acquisition, sometimes the divestitures required for regulatory muster tell a more interesting story. In OptumHealth’s purchase of DaVita Medical Group’s practices, Intermountain Healthcare taking on DaVita’s Nevada operations might be the most curious piece. The deal impacts DaVita’s large medical groups in California, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, New Mexico, and […]

HealthHUBs: CVS-Aetna’s Expansion Into Primary-Care a Major Disruptor

HealthHUBs: CVS-Aetna’s Expansion Into Primary-Care a Major Disruptor   Shortly after CVS Health merged with Aetna in November 2018, CVS Health announced the debut of its “HealthHUB” concept stores in Houston. These stores, which feature up to 80 percent of the primary-care scope (barring physicians) plus expanded staff and durable medical equipment, position CVS to […]

ASCO 2019: The future of Keytruda plus chemo combination therapy

Checkpoint inhibitor combination strategies remains a focus of development, but chemo combos are not a slam dunk for every indication. As the 40,000 attendees of this year’s ASCO conference relinquish their hold of the windy city, oncology experts worldwide begin contemplating the wealth of new or expanded data which was presented, and how it might […]

Will Netflix-Style Payment Models be the New Norm For High Cost Drugs?

With specialty drug prices increasing each day, states are challenged to manage costs while patients face cost barriers to drug access, which negatively impacts adherence and cure rates. Hepatitis C, for example, is a costly disease impacting tens of thousands of people in the United States, which has historically struggled with a track record of […]