It’s ‘innovation season’ but what makes Clarivate Analytics analysis so unique?

Clarivate Analytics provides key insights into university-industry collaboration and innovation by providing the world-leading data and analytics built on the quality and coverage of the Web of Science and Derwent World Patent Index.  There is no single best indicator of academic innovation that should be tracked. Instead, multiple indicators should be used to regularly assess progress towards productivity innovation.  With information tools such as InCites from Clarivate Analytics, university administrators can quickly and easily follow their performance compared to peers on important innovation indicators, such as a university’s percent of papers produced in collaboration with industry.

Innovation managers at academic institutions require further analysis of the trends in their schools’ co-authorship with firms – for example, details on the productivity of papers and the subsequent impact of those papers, not to mention data on the specific journals and subject areas. Using custom data from Web of Science, innovation managers can analyze these trends, gaining a deeper insight into how university literature is cited by company-authored papers. This analysis affords answers to such question as which companies concentrate their citations in a particular institution (co-located, for example) and which take a more scattershot approach.

Custom data on the patent citations of university research also enables a view into the timelines of citation of university papers in industry patents, clarifying whether industry users of university science are co-located and concentrated or spread out.  Also, by using Web of Science, institutional leadership can know which university papers were funded by industry and can assess the impact of this funding in comparison with other university papers.

 Through analyses such as the annual Top 100 Global Innovators report, produced by in-house subject matter experts at Clarivate Analytics using the company’s unique proprietary data, a truly unambiguous light is shone on what makes an organization innovative. Because of the quality, breadth and historical depth of Clarivate’s “content,” the leading experts reporting on fast-moving innovation in government, industry and academia turn to Clarivate when looking for unique insight into those organizations that are revolutionizing their fields.

In one such application of Clarivate data, commentators on innovation at Reuters News released a list of the top 25 innovative government research organizations, called The World’s Most Innovative Research Institutions – 2017.  Later this year, Reuters News will release three more listings of Innovative universities– the first in Europe, followed by Asia and then a “global” listing in September. In addition, editors at the Times Higher Education are using Web of Science data and metrics from InCites to report on key university-industry collaborations, with a news item providing crucial insight into the innovation powerhouse of South Korea.

These reports and rankings based on Clarivate Analytics data highlight an increasingly central element of a university’s mission: innovation and collaboration with industry.