IP case data and trademark data: a powerful combination

There are currently more than 80 million active trademarks worldwide, with filings of new marks on the rise. As the number of new marks filing increases, the number of infringements also increases. While the global trademark landscape becomes more complex, so does the challenge of managing risk when launching new brands.

The “risk 0” rarely exists when it comes to clearing trademarks globally. Searching for a trademark in multiple jurisdictions will most likely result in finding a mark that is similar from a legal standpoint. Trademark research helps you find these similar marks, but how can one decide which findings deserve attention and which ones don’t? This is where IP case information becomes immensely valuable.

Reviewing cases of marks similar to the trademark in question can help give clients a better understanding of their likelihood of receiving a positive outcome. Analyzing relevant cases can provide support that substantiates decisions to proceed or not proceed with a trademark filing.

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