Intellectual Property

Chinese full text English translations are now enhanced in Derwent Innovation

China continues to grow in importance both as a global market and as a source of the majority of the world’s patent information. In 2017, 2.66 million Chinese patent documents were published (0.97 million utility model patents, 1.27 million invention patent applications and 0.42 million granted invention patents).  Access to the best possible data contained […]


Can a self-portrait snapshot taken by a monkey constitute a work of authorship? A photo of a macaque (known as Naruto) grinning at a camera in Indonesia went viral on the internet in 2011. Photographer David Slater left his camera unattended on the jungle floor, the Sulawesi crested macaque grabbed it and – mimicking human […]

Image battle: celebrities on T-shirts

To celebrate the launch of our United Kingdom Copyright database, we dedicate this post to a comparison between a UK and a USA lawsuit: In 2011, Topshop sold a £22 sleeveless T-shirt bearing a recognizable photograph of Rihanna. The photo was taken from her during a video shoot for her Talk That Talk album. The […]

Staying compliant in times of domain uncertainty

There has been a lot of movement in the domain space recently, partly due to the upcoming compliance deadline for the new European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation, and partly due to the looming Brexit deadline. The implications of the latter, which involves the United Kingdom withdrawing from the EU, are far-reaching. While there […]

World IP Day, we celebrate women inventors at the forefront of innovation

This article is part of an ongoing series from Clarivate Analytics celebrating women in STEM with profiles of female inventors, scientists, researchers, and corporate leaders featured in Derwent, Web of Science, BioWorld, and Publons. See more articles in this series, or follow our online campaign using #WomenAtClarivate.   In celebration of World IP Day and […]

World Intellectual Property Day: Celebrating Women in Innovation and Creativity

Every 26 of April, the world takes a step back to celebrate the extraordinary innovations and creative feats encompassed within the seemingly mundane definition of “Intellectual Property”. This is also an occasion to educate non-IP professionals about the crucial role that Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights & Designs and Models play in fostering creative development, in building […]

Innovation in motion: Transforming how dynamic trademarks are reported

“What you see is what you get.” That’s how the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) describes a recent change in the filing requirements for trademark designs featuring motion, multimedia elements, holograms or 3D elements. “What you see is what you get” also describes a new way CompuMark delivers search and watch results for such […]

Design saved by Copyright

F1 Ferrari v. Asian gear End of 2004, Ferrari made the Dutch customs seize a shipment of Asian Gear’s radio-controlled scale model cars on the basis of infringement of the famous Italian brand’s designs and copyrights. According to Ferrari, Asian Gear also acted in unfair competition by taking advantage of the reputation of the Maranello-based […]