Intellectual Property

FIFA World Cup 2018 and Ambush Marketing

The FIFA World Cup is here, and almost every country has their eyes fixed on the spectacle taking place in Russia. While what happens on the field always take precedence, as each player lays their hopes, dreams and years of practice on the line, behind the cameras and off the pitch lies a whole world […]

Six things you need to know post-GDPR

We all know by now that the enforcement of GDPR has caused complications in the brand protection sphere, the most notable of which being the demise of WHOIS. With most registrars redacting the registrant data, even if the registrant is not located in the EU or not a natural person, we are essentially facing a […]

About chips, cards and pirates

What is the legality of circumvention devices (mod chips, flash cards, game copiers) for video games and consoles in Europe (and around the world)? At the center of this global topic is the interaction between the creator of the video game and its user (the gamer). Producers in the gaming industry apply technological protective measures […]

Virtual Reality: Evolution through Time

According to the latest IDC report, the Virtual Reality (VR)/Augmented Reality (AR) market is forecast to grow 100% year on year for the next 4 years. Annual growth on total spending for VR/AR products and services is projected at 113% with estimated spending worldwide to hit $215Bn by 2021. Massive growth projections are fueling the […]

Patent workflow and technology

The machines are taking over Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are steadily taking over every aspect of routine life including automation in the field of IP. In all aspects of life, the AI revolution is here to help us, even though the solution is removing the human broker from the workflow. Over the last […]

Will WHOIS ever be the same, post-GDPR?

With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) now in force, brand protection experts are having to familiarize themselves with the challenges this introduces relating to online brand protection. One of the most significant of these is the fate of WHOIS, the domain name lookup service. WHOIS was a vital tool for consumer and brand protection […]

Strategic IP business acquisitions: A top 10 checklist

Patent portfolio acquisitions have increased in size, value and frequency in recent years. Traditionally in an M&A transaction, a patent portfolio was simply part of the purchase of the business enterprise – accompanied with many other aspects of the purchase – such as good will, customer lists, employees, and facilities. In other words, a side […]

French Supreme Court follows ECJ guidelines on Reg No 469/2009

  Cour de Cassation, France, fr-A16-21638_20180516 ; The Government of the United States of America / Directeur de l’INPI – 16 May 2018 On May 16th (darts-029-838-F-fr-2), the French Supreme Court (Cour de Cassation) had to interpret once more a condition for obtaining a SPC (Supplementary Protection Certificate). The legal issue concerned Article 3c of Regulation […]

Holy Copyrights Batman!

In May 2011, DC Comics – owner of the copyright registrations to the Batman comic books – filed a lawsuit against Gotham Garage in California. The car dealer manufactured and sold replicas of iconic automobiles from famous motion pictures and television shows. The mechanic sold fully constructed cars but also car tuning kits allowing car […]