Intellectual Property

Barcelona patent court holds oxycodone/naloxone patent invalid due to added matter

On 19 December 2018, Commercial Court No. 4 of Barcelona dismissed a patent infringement action brought by Mundipharma against two generics in Spain of its oxycodone/naloxone medicinal product for the treatment of pain (Targin®), and upheld the defendants’ counterclaim for invalidity of the asserted patent. The dispute Mundipharma is the holder of European patent EP2425825 […]

Top 100 Global Innovators: The DNA Behind Their Success – top ten takeaways

High-impact innovation drives the discovery of new technologies and life-changing solutions, improving the way we live while benefiting a company’s bottom-line. As a follow-up to the Derwent Top 100 Global Innovators 2018-19 report, we held a webinar featuring notable speakers from Microsoft, Dow, and 3M. The discussion centred around the ways these industry leaders push […]

ECJ : SPC to be granted only for fundamental innovations and not for incremental ones

(darts-ip reference: darts-246-093-G-en),  30 january 2019 Today, the ECJ gave its interpretation of Article 3(d) of Regulation (EC) No 469/2009 concerning the supplementary protection certificate (hereinafter referred to as ‘SPC’) for medicinal products. Its strict interpretation of this article limits the granting of SPCs to fundamental innovations and excludes them for incremental innovations, as for example […]

Banksy vs. 24 Ore Cultura: the Downside of Anonymity

On January 15, 2019, the Court of Milan, Specialized Division in Business Matters, rendered its decision on the petition for interim relief filed by Pest Control Office Limited, the English company managing the IP rights of the famous street-art artist Banksy, against the Italian company 24 Ore Cultura S.r.l., which organized the successful exhibition “A […]

Shifting the gender balance in STEM: a panel discussion to celebrate IWD

Today in the UK, only 24% of STEM roles are held by women. Improving female STEM representation is not just a social and moral imperative – there are financial benefits as well.  According to a recent report from McKinsey, ‘Delivering Through Diversity’[1], companies in the top-quartile for gender diversity on executive teams were 21% more […]

Flying high: Who’s leading innovation in drone technology

Repeated disruption at Gatwick, the UK’s second-largest airport, due to “deliberate” drone incursions caused travel chaos at the end of 2018. Hundreds of thousands of passengers were stranded or delayed, and people were left wondering – how could something like this happen? As drone-related innovation shows no sign of slowing, inventors must consider how to […]

GDPR, WHOIS and impacts to brand protection: Nine months later

Last October, we posted an article describing the impacts of redacted registration data (WHOIS”) on its domain name protection anti-counterfeit anti-piracy and anti-fraud services. As explained in that post MarkMonitor uses WHOIS data for several legitimate purposes including investigating infringing domain names identifying the source of phishing attacks and issuing cease & desist letters to […]

Ten hacks to gain a valuable edge in your patent searches

Patent searching is by no means an exact science. With a plethora of search tools and consulting practices to choose from, there is no “one size fits all” to guarantee the successful capture of all relevant prior art. But if you follow these best practice guidelines, the chances of obtaining more targeted, accurate results will […]

Liabilities and Exemptions of E-Commerce Platforms in India

Internet use in India has been on the rise ever since its introduction by VSNL in the 1990’s, causing a dynamic consumer shift from physical markets to virtual ones. According to government data,  [1] But innovation in technology can create unforeseen dangers, with the online marketplace being no exception. Over time these online portals, who […]

Ten hacks for managing patent translation requirements

The globalization of innovation has led to an increasing need to seek IP protection across international borders. The requirement for accurate and timely translations is a critical part of this process. In this edition of our Ten Hacks series, we reveal some useful tips that could potentially help you to reduce both costs and the […]