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Korea’s Pharmaceutical companies are struggling to keep up with IMDs

What is the common point between ‘Aircare Tab’ and ‘Nocotine’? The answer is that they are both incrementally modified drugs (IMD) with new salt formation. Currently, Korean pharmaceutical companies mainly produce new drugs, IMDs, and generics. The new drug literally means a medicine with newly developed structure and efficacy. Generics, which are so-called “copied drugs”, […]

Two decades of insight: Domain strategy and you in 2019

As we approach twenty years of experience as a brand protection and corporate registrar business, I am excited to say that MarkMonitor remains a trusted strategic partner to our many Fortune 1000 clients. By combining proprietary data and analysis with unmatched industry expertise, MarkMonitor delivers solutions that enable our clients to make meaningful decisions to […]

Top Recent IT and Electronics Cases in China

Top Recent IT and Electronics Cases in China With the development of computer and electronics technology, patent infringement cases in this field are showing a growing trend. This article collected the typical cases of patent infringement in the field of IT and electronics in the past two years for your reference.   1. Shenzhen Incoming […]

Security highlights Summit 2019 keynote

A key takeaway from the annual MarkMonitor Summit: Look for security compromise — and expect it.  Noted security blogger and investigative journalist Brian Krebs joined MarkMonitor as keynote speaker to break down the latest in online schemes and scams. He quantified damages to brand owners and consumers, as well as the evolution of threats over time, […]

What’s Next for WHOIS: ICANN Board Approves EPDP Phase 1 Final Report

The ICANN board held a special meeting on May 15, 2019, during which it approved twenty-seven of the twenty-nine policy recommendations in the EPDP Phase 1 Final Report. The Phase 1 report represents the start of the ICANN community’s bottom-up consensus-driven policymaking effort to reinvent WHOIS (now called “registration data”) in a way that complies […]

Biologics Patent Dispute between Amgen and Sanofi in Japan

A Darts-ip user, Japanese Patent Attorney Ms. Yasuko Tanaka from S-Cube Corporation, introduces a recent remarkable Japanese patent decision in pharma sector. Biologics Patent Dispute between Amgen and Sanofi in Japan darts-030-276-G-ja: Tokyo District Court Case 平成29(ワ)16468 on Jan. 17, 2019 Background: Amgen (Plaintiff) owns two patents both titled “Antigen binding proteins to protein convertase […]

Life after death: the post-expiry patent royalty payment loophole

Maximizing the value of your patent portfolio is a key objective for any organization.  The bulk of that value comes from commercialization of products under patent protection. But what about those patents that are unused or unwanted? Realizing a return on these types of patents usually revolves around their sale or license which provides another […]

Madrid Protocol welcomes Canada as amended Trademarks Act goes into effect

Canada’s amended Trademarks Act will come into force on June 17, 2019. The revised act introduces many changes to trademark law and practice including Canada’s accession to the Madrid Protocol, which will allow Canadians to file Madrid applications with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). In joining the Madrid Protocol, Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) […]

Ten hacks for staying ahead of Information Disclosure Statement Filings

How do you manage & organize Information Disclosure Statement submissions to ensure all important prior art is submitted?  The patent prosecution process has many important milestones, but perhaps none more important and critical to the health of your issued patent than Information Disclosure Statement (“IDS”). Submitting relevant prior art materials in a timely and consistent […]