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Our focus on Canada’s trademark landscape

At CompuMark, our goal is to empower trademark professionals to expand and protect strong brands with confidence. This includes helping navigate trademark challenges unique to Canada. From facing new legislation to searching alternative industries like Cannabis, we offer a variety of Canadian-specific trademark solutions and enhancements to support you along the way.  The revised Trademarks […]

Making sense of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI), the ability of computer systems to simulate or imitate human intelligence, is quietly transforming our daily lives. But how does it work? And how does it benefit busy trademark professionals? We’ll answer these important questions in our latest white paper: Making sense of artificial intelligence.

Augusta National Loses Fight for the MASTERS Family of Marks in Japan

Article by author, Ms. Mami Gosho (五所万実), who is a research associate (助教) at Keio Univ (慶応義塾大学) on linguistic (言語学).   AUGUSTA NATIONAL, INC. v. KONAMI HOLDINGS CORPORATION (Darts-ip Ref.: darts-110-639-G-ja, IP High Court 2019.2.6, 平成31(行ケ)10154, Request for Cancellation of Trial Decision)   AUGUSTA NATIONAL, INC., Plaintiff Plaintiff’s marks: MASTERS (in standard characters), Reg. No. 1325831 Reg. Nos. 2198446 […]

The cost of free: Industrial design research

Industrial design infringement is on the rise. As the volume of industrial design registrations increases, it becomes ever more important to thoroughly vet industrial designs prior to filing. In an effort to save money, some IP professionals choose free methods of prior art searching.  While these methods may seem cost effective, are they an efficient […]

Use as directed: Navigating the complexities of pharmaceutical trademarks

The global market for pharmaceutical products reached $1.2 trillion in 2018 – up $100 billion from the prior year. This is projected to reach $1.5 trillion by 2021. New developments in biotechnology, nanotechnology and digital medicine are rapidly transforming the definition of pharma products. These trends are creating an ever-more crowded and complex brand landscape. […]

Innovator perspective: How technology is transforming trademark research

Technology is reinventing virtually every aspect of business operations, including how organizations secure, promote and protect their brands. Cloud computing, social media, mobile computing, and artificial intelligence (AI) are rapidly creating new business models and market opportunities. They are also creating new challenges for brand owners—and new solutions for meeting those challenges. How is technology […]

Dispute on FRAND terms in SEP Litigation in China

In SEP litigation, a key point in deciding whether the injunction remedy is legitimate or not is which party should take liability when license negotiation cannot be reached. To solve this issue, judges need to decide if the violation of FRAND principle of the SEP owner causes the negotiation breakdown. This article researches the tendency […]

Overcoming key challenges in drug naming

The global market for pharmaceutical products reached $1.2 trillion in 2018 – up $100 billion from the prior year. It is projected to reach $1.5 trillion by 2023.[1] By another measure, this translates into more than 40,000 Class 5 trademark applications submitted to Trademark Offices around the world in 2018, on top of 300,000+ already […]