How IP fosters innovation: World IP Day 2020

World IP Day is the perfect time to reflect on the role of intellectual property not just in our professional lives, but in driving innovations that make life better for all.

No product made today can achieve sustainable success without its inventor, manufacturer or seller investing in intellectual property. IP serves as the foundation for innovation. Inventions protected by IP rights deliver benefits to their users and encourage companies to reinvest in other innovative discoveries. The same holds true for artists and authors whose original works are protected by copyrights. IP rights are essential for cultivating creativity and productivity.

Recognizing this, organizations worldwide are driven to secure IP rights to support growth, sustain competitive advantage and contribute to our shared progress, improving our lives. In order to achieve the greatest value from their innovations, companies must focus on all dimensions of IP.




Domain names



The critical importance of these rights becomes clear when we look at today’s IP landscape:

  • There are now 14 million patents in force worldwide and they are growing at 6.7% p.a. Those patents are how companies secure their innovation.
  • In order to monetize all that innovation, companies need to establish brands. There are now more than 80 million trademarks in force globally and that number is growing at nearly 14% p.a.
  • There are an additional 5.7 million industrial designs* active records worldwide.
  • All these brands need an online presence to effectively reach their audiences and there are now more than 350 million active domains worldwide.


It is impossible for any business to achieve sustainable and predictable growth over a long period of time without continually investing in and securing its intellectual property. At the same time, organizations face a range of challenges—accelerating timelines, shrinking budgets and technology convergence—that create pressure on teams to deliver results at pace and without risk.

Clarivate helps organizations meet these challenges. Our IP solutions help Clarivate customers protect their future revenues by helping monetize their innovations and compete aggressively, while proactively identifying and managing risk—while saving time and effort.

At Clarivate, we are committed to setting the pace of innovation in the IP industry and to investing in technologies and partnerships that give our customers an edge. Because for organizations worldwide looking to grow and succeed, every day is IP Day.


*Source: EUIPO Designview