From the plastics present to a sustainable future

In response to growing consumer, governmental and corporate awareness of the need to radically change our approach to plastic usage and disposal, bioplastic has emerged as a potential solution for a more sustainable future. New patent research from Clarivate reveals an immature innovation landscape for bioplastics that is ripe for change. Read the new report.

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, an annual event celebrated around the world to demonstrate support for environmental protection and to reflect on our impact on our environment.

As part of eXXpedition Round the World, I spent 10 days at sea analyzing the waters to make the unseen seen: microplastics in our oceans. Sailing from Aruba to Panama and through the San Blas islands every single surface sample we took – even in open seas and clear waters – had these tiny fragments.


Photo taken on remote island in Cayos Holandeses (San Blas islands) by Jana Leberl on eXXpedition Round the World


We stepped on to the beach of what from afar looked like a paradise island, but the sounds of the surf were muffled by the squeaky notes of empty plastic bottles under our feet. The variety of plastic items seemed endless, from beverage bottles to deodorant containers, flip-flops to food packaging. This plastic-strewn wasteland was a reflection of our consumption habits; a reflection of the impact of our actions.


Collaborating for sustainability

To reduce the environmental harm of plastic waste, we must reconsider our current model of consumerism and examine the root causes of plastic pollution. This will involve a radical departure from how we currently design products, requiring us to evaluate new materials such as bioplastics and plan for recycling and re-use of plastics through a circular economy.

Time and again, human ingenuity has led to the discovery of game-changing innovations, solutions to some of the world’s complex problems. At Clarivate, we operate at the heart of the innovation lifecycle. We deliver critical information and insights to organizations that are seeking alternative and innovative solutions to our plastic waste problem – potential solutions such as bioplastics. We hope that, using our industry leading solutions, organizations can continue to bring life-changing, perhaps environment saving, innovations to market, faster.


We must focus on responsible usage and disposal of plastics, while investigating other viable options including bioplastics and a circular plastics economy.


In a new report authored by Derwent™, CompuMark™ and MarkMonitor™ IP analysts, we look at the re-emergence of bioplastics, the obstacles hindering development and adoption, and the innovators and trends in this field from a patented innovation and brand leader perspective. We also explore how the public sentiment towards plastics has changed, and what governments and businesses are doing to tackle the environmental challenges posed by plastics.


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