Fast-Breaking Papers in Essential Science Indicators–April Edition

Essential Science Indicators from Clarivate Analytics lists Highly Cited Papers, which constitute the top 1% of papers in each of 22 broad fields and each year of coverage. The lists are updated every two months to reflect their current citation counts and also include new papers that enter the top percentile.

Here, we identify a subset of these papers having the largest percentage increase in citations in their respective fields from one bimonthly update to the next. We call these “Fast-Breaking Papers” because they represent very recent scientific contributions that are just beginning to attract the attention of the scientific community.

The following table lists the Fast-Breaking Papers in each the 22 Essential Science Indicators fields for the sixth bimonthly update of 2016, which covers 1 January 2006 to 31 December 2016.

April Fast Breaking Papers

For full details and citation histories of these papers, see the listings of Highly Cited Papers in the Essential Science Indicators product.