Ever wonder about the science behind your smartphone camera?

In the last few years, it’s undeniable that with each release of the iPhone or Galaxy, the small camera keeps improving—higher resolution, better clarity and increased recognition of images. For Lei Zhang, this is just the start.

Zhang is a Highly Cited Researcher from Hong Kong Polytechnic University whose research is aimed at enhancing resolution and picture quality. This makes it possible for computers to recognize, track and classify images. The effects of this research trickle down to the consumer, providing better-quality pictures at a lower price, putting that science right in your pocket.

Thanks to his influential research, Zhang was named a 2015 Highly Cited Researcher, also achieving the same distinction in 2016.

How does a researcher find topics that could become highly cited, and what does it take to get an article to that level? See what Lei Zhang has to say on that!