Enhancing your strategy and ROI with premium and reserved domains

The new gTLD program has been a controversial topic for MarkMonitor customers.

Many understandably blame new gTLDs for inflating defensive domain name budgets, creating new environments for cybersquatters and other bad actors and creating new free speech challenges to brand protection with the introduction of gripe TLDs like .sucks. On the other hand, companies have capitalized on the opportunity to secure powerful keyword-rich and hyper-localized domains, like spanish.academy and toureiffel.paris, and have reached new customers with non-Latin character IDNs. Many companies also now enjoy unprecedented security, innovation and control with their own .brand TLD.

For better or for worse, new gTLDs have unquestionably resulted in momentous changes to the way companies protect their brands online. With that, we invite you to join MarkMonitor New gTLD expert Sherry Hildebrand and myself for the first in a series of new gTLD-focused webinars leading up to the five-year anniversary of the day the first new gTLDs were added to the root DNS, October 23, 2013. Between now and the end of October, we will host a series of webinars to discuss premium and reserved domains, .brand TLDs now and in the next round, rights protection mechanisms, how to leverage new gTLDs for brand protection and more.

Our first webinar, focused on premium and reserved domains, will begin with background on how and why registries have premium and reserved domains (spoiler: it’s not all about the $). We’ll then cover facts and stats – and offer customers a look under the hood at how we work with premium and reserved domains. We’ll wrap up with effective negotiation strategies for maximizing value and minimizing costs, and as always, how we’re advocating for our customers and what we can do to help, leaving time for questions.

Sherry and I hope that many of you can join us on August 8 and beyond. Be sure to register for the webinar today.