Electric vehicles hit the road with new gTLDs: Q2 review

Clarivate domain management experts review recent happenings in the domain industry in the Q2 2021 New gTLD Quarterly Report. Read it now. 

In our latest analysis of the domain industry, our new gTLD experts take a deep dive into the electric vehicles (EV) market and its crossover into the new gTLD and .brand space. Combining findings from our Top 100 Best Protected Global Brands and The road ahead: Sustainable vehicles today and in the future reports with new analysis, we uncover new insights and overarching trends in this exciting market.

We also examine current developments in Alexa.com rankings for .brands and other new gTLDs since Q1 of this year as well as relevant ICANN policy activity. We close with need-to-know information about .brand and industry meeting updates.


Global brands, sustainable vehicles and new gTLDs

Our reports on the world’s best protected brands and the sustainable vehicles industry (both linked above), are founded on industry-leading Clarivate patent, trademark, global case law and domain datasets.

Combining the two and viewing them through a lens of brand holder behavior in new gTLDs and .brands offered fresh insight into leading automotive companies’ behavior.

Can you guess which vehicle brand has the highest number of exact-match domain registrations across all open automotive TLDs? Read the new report to find out.


Alexa.com rankings of new gTLDs ebb and flow

We continue to see websites built on new gTLDs and .brands coming and going from the Alexa.com rankings. Check out the new report to see which of your favorite websites and TLDs made the lists this quarter.


ICANN policy corner

Our Clarivate domain policy experts are highly engaged in the ICANN community, delivering news on topics of interest to corporate domain managers, including:

  • access to WHOIS data,
  • transfer policy,
  • the next new gTLD application round,
  • IP Rights Protection Mechanisms (RPMs) and the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP), and
  • homoglyphs and internationalized domain names (IDNs).


.Brand numbers and second half industry meetings

Lastly, we review brand activity and the remaining schedule of industry meetings for 2021. See the new report to find out which ‘left of the dot’ domain label (for example, ‘Clarivate’ in Clarivate.com) broke in to the top three rankings this quarter – ‘mail’ or ‘go?’

Our quarterly report is here to bring you up-to-speed on the evolution of the new gTLD industry. To see how this information can assist you in making domain portfolio management decisions, please reach out to your Domain Portfolio Advisor or contact us here.



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