Discover the power of SSL certificates in our recent webinar

All businesses with an online presence have a responsibility to customers and clients to keep their information safe. There are many ways of doing this, and while each method may differ, all are designed to provide the assurance necessary in today’s tumultuous digital environment.

One of the most popular and simple ways of doing this is through SSL certificates, which can encrypt web traffic and provide users with visual evidence that your brand’s website is safe to visit and browse. This can work in two different ways: by displaying a padlock icon next to the website URL, and by enabling the ‘https’ secure domain prefix. However, simply acquiring these SSL certificates does not automatically guarantee the assurance that brands are searching for, as many different kinds of certificates can be acquired from multiple vendors, with multiple levels of security.

The need for added security became apparent in 2014, when the Netcraft website reported that several huge internet companies had unknowingly acquired fake SSL certificates. As the Security Boulevard website writes, a lack of certificate checks within the popular Steam gaming platform also allowed consumer PayPal payments to be undetectably intercepted for at least three months before eventually being fixed.”

Related – Certificate replacements for the Chrome 66 update

On April 17th Google will release its Chrome 66 web browser and SSL/TLS certificates from Symantec issued prior to June 1 2016 will become invalid. MarkMonitor has partnered with clients to ensure certs have been reissued and installed so that the change doesn’t impact users.

The role of SSL certificates in your domain management strategy

We discussed this topic in a webinar hosted by myself and Ryan White Channel Marketing Manager of Global Programs for DigiCert â the largest certificate authority in the world.

Over the course of 40 minutes we review the latest developments in the world of SSL certificates and discuss how they can be used effectively by brands to enhance the user experience. Specifically we dive into how brands can ensure they choose the right SSL certificate for a particular website and run through some best practices. After this we discuss how MarkMonitor can help brands streamline SSL certificate and domain management efforts with various services and solutions.

If you’re involved in SSL certificates or domain management in any capacity it’s well worth taking some time to watch the webinar and to learn how your brand can stay on top of the latest developments. To do so simply head to the MarkMonitor webinar page.