Clarity in a sea of details

In today’s world, we are inundated with information everywhere we turn. On average, according to one estimate, we might see as many as 5,000 advertisements—in just one day! When compared to a similar estimate for 1970, our exposure has increased 100%!

It’s no surprise that the information overload in our private lives has also spilled into our professional activities. The Web of Science Core Collection fully indexes 18,000 journals, covering over 250 subject categories that span the life sciences, physical sciences, health sciences, social sciences, as well as the arts and humanities.  That’s more than 64 million records!

With such a staggering number of available records, how can you analyze exactly what is important to you?

If you build it, you can analyze it.

Using Web of Science, you can build custom datasets based on subject, author, journals and funding acknowledgments. Then send that document list directly to InCites to transform publication metadata and citations into meaningful relationships.

Every 20 minutes a Web of Science user creates a new custom dataset and sends it to InCites.

With the recent release to InCites, we are expanding this capability by increasing the current 5 datasets per user to 20 concurrent datasets per user. Further, we are introducing an even easier process of exporting those datasets directly from the My Folders page.

With publication data now easily placed in the context of global benchmarks, you’ll be able to support ad hoc requests for analytics at the level of individual researchers, departments, or groups. Strict subject categories no longer dictate analysis. Instead, make detailed assessments based on your own customized collections of papers.

Take your Web of Science analysis further. Compare performance and identify rising stars and global centers of excellence with just the click of the “Save to InCites” button.