Chinese full text English translations are now enhanced in Derwent Innovation

China continues to grow in importance both as a global market and as a source of the majority of the world’s patent information. In 2017, 2.66 million Chinese patent documents were published (0.97 million utility model patents, 1.27 million invention patent applications and 0.42 million granted invention patents).  Access to the best possible data contained within these documents is therefore essential to maximize the potential of the technology disclosed and minimize the risk of missing important developments or potential infringement situations.

Chinese patent translations have been available as part of the Asian Entitlement in Derwent Innovation for many years. The initial coverage of patent applications and utility models from 2007 to date was quickly extended to include granted patents, and the time range extended back to 1985. Translations of author title, abstract and all claims were provided. Further coverage was completed in 2015 of complete full text translations of all WO records filed in Chinese from 1994 to date.

Coverage of Chinese patent documents has been extended again to provide the most comprehensive and complete collection of Chinese translations available.

The coverage of Chinese patent documents has now been extended again to provide the most comprehensive and complete collection of Chinese translations available.  The additional coverage is as follows:

  • English translation of the description/background section in Chinese patent applications, utility models and granted patents. This provides complete full-text coverage for all Chinese applications and utility models from 1985-present, and Chinese granted patents from 1990-present. Front page and claims coverage is also provided for Chinese granted patents from 1985-1989.
  • Inclusion of address information for assignees/applicants.

For professional searchers, the additional information in the description can help retrieval of relevant records in prior art or state of the art searches; for the R&D professional, more detailed information such as results of experiments, examples of relevant prior art, and detailed descriptions of drawings is now available; and for competitive intelligence, the assignee address information can be used to identify key regions and cities for specific technologies. Uniquely, the full text Chinese translations are merged with the DWPI value add content in Derwent Innovation to provide a powerful combination of search and analysis capabilities.

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