Broadening the reach of research

For the research community, summaries of scientific and scholarly articles written in plain language broaden the use of research by increasing its discoverability and allowing authors more opportunities to be read and cited. For the general public, these summaries mean that research can be better understood by non-academics.

In May of 2016, Kudos began a pilot program with ScholarOne Manuscripts to facilitate the capture and dissemination of plain-language summaries of research articles. Kudos is a web-based service that helps researchers and their institutions and funders to maximize the visibility and impact of their published articles. With the integration with ScholarOne Manuscripts, authors can submit their plain-language summaries at the same time and in the same system where they submit their manuscript. These summaries are then automatically passed along to Kudos for dissemination. This integrated and automated process makes publication more streamlined for the author.

Six publishers – Bioscientifica, The British Editorial Society of Bone & Joint Surgery (publishers of The Bone & Joint Journal), Canadian Science Publishing, Emerald, Future Science Group and Wiley –participated in the pilot program. At completion of the pilot, Kudos and ScholarOne saw 45% of accepted authors choosing to submit plain-language summaries – a success that demonstrated the benefit of rolling out the integration to all mutual publishers using Kudos and ScholarOne Manuscripts.

As of January 2017, Kudos and ScholarOne have formalized this partnership, allowing more publishers and journals to join the efforts of broadening the reach of research.


Kudos Infographic Clarivate