Brexit jitters? Act confidently with new reports.

*Updated 3/15/2019*

With the clock counting down on the Brexit “divorce” between the United Kingdom and European Union, uncertainty reigns. Will an agreement for withdrawal be reached…or will it be a “hard Brexit”? Either outcome has implications for trademark owners in both the UK and Europe.

On March 14th, after voting to reject the withdrawal agreement, and also voting against a departure without a deal, the UK parliament voted to extend Article 50 beyond the original deadline of March 29th to June 30th.

At this writing, it appears that approximately 1.15 million EUIPO trademark records will be added to the 650,000 active UK records. However, the timing depends on whether an agreement is reached. Absent agreement, it could occur suddenly on June 30th, or over some period of transition through 2020 or even longer. For trademark owners concerned about protecting their rights, the time to act is now.

New challenge, new solutions

Recognizing this need, CompuMark has developed a comprehensive set of services designed to help trademark owners make brand protection decisions with confidence—however the Brexit drama unfolds.

Our new Brexit Trademark Services include:

A Portfolio Report that provides critical insight on trademarks that may be impacted by Brexit. The report lists all EU and/or UK trademark records within a portfolio, highlighting records that will be added automatically to the UK register. It identifies pending marks, marks without a UK representative, and situations where it may be cost-effective to update ownership details to avoid duplicate records with out-of-date information.

A Vulnerable Marks Report that identifies EUTM registrations that may be vulnerable to non-use challenges when added to the UK register due to non-use over five years or more. Brand owners can then consider filing a new UK trademark application to maintain their rights.

A Duplicate Mark Report that helps owners of marks registered in both the UK and EUIPO registers avoid duplication when the EUTM records are automatically migrated to the UK register. The report identifies these marks so brand owners can opt out to avoid duplication.

A Brexit Collision Report that helps UK brand owners protect against possible conflicts from the 1.15 million EU trademarks that will be added to the UK register. A similarity search identifies potentially similar EUTM marks brand owners may not be aware of, giving them the foresight to develop a challenge or protection strategy.

Here for you, no matter what

While the outcome of Brexit is still unpredictable, CompuMark is committed to helping you act with certainty with regard to your trademarks in both the UK and the EU. That’s why for 2019, we have committed to retaining the existing coverage on our core search and watch solutions.

No matter how the Brexit story unfolds, count on CompuMark to help you through.

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