Brexit impacts to your trademark Searches and Watches

On January 31, 2020, the United Kingdom withdrew from the European Union, an action commonly referred to as “Brexit.” From January 31 to December 31, 2020, a transition period was in place.


Understanding Brexit impacts to trademarks within the EUIPO and UKIPO

  • Registered trademarks: Now that the transition period has expired, European Union Trade Marks (EUTMs) will no longer protect trademarks in the United Kingdom. Instead, the Intellectual Property Office of the United Kingdom (UKIPO) will create “cloned” local copies of registered EUTMs, International Registrations designating the E.U., and Registered Community Designs onto the corresponding UKIPO registers. This cloning process is limited to trademarks registered prior to January 1, 2021.
  • Pending applications: For pending applications, trademark owners will have nine months – until September 30, 2021 – to apply to register trademarks with the UKIPO and retain the earlier filing date of the pending EUTM. After this period ends, trademark applications will need to be filed separately with both the EUIPO and UKIPO to ensure protection in both jurisdictions.


Continuous coverage

CompuMark™ trademark research and protection from Clarivate™ empowers trademark professionals worldwide to create, expand and protect strong brands. During this time of transition, we are committed to helping our customers act with confidence regarding their trademarks in both the United Kingdom and the European Union.

CompuMark products with United Kingdom registers, including European Union packages, will maintain their existing coverage until the below dates:

  • At least until October 2021 for SAEGIS®, TM go365™ and Full Searches
  • December 31, 2021 for Watch

By March 20, 2021, we expect to have all cloned copies of registered EUTMs from 2020 added to the United Kingdom register, complete with the error corrections and enhancements that our clients rely on Clarivate to provide. We will continue to update the United Kingdom register as cloned marks are renewed and when owners opt out of the cloning process. EUTM applications that were pending on December 31, 2020 and subsequently re-filed at the UKIPO are already in our records.

We will update this page as new information becomes available, so please check back often.


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Please note: This update is provided for information purposes only and is not legal advice. Your interpretations, conclusions, decisions or other actions are your own for which you have full responsibility.