Understanding Today's Trends: Domains and Cybersecurity

The domain landscape is ever-changing.

Consider how far it’s come since the 1980s when the first domain names were registered. These were of the .net and .com variety. Fast-forward 25 years, and businesses are registering innovative .Brand extensions for reasons that range from marketing promotions to protective online protection of IP.

The industry has been shaped by the launch of generic top-level domains (gTLDs), ongoing legal and political changes, as well as the encroachment of cyber threats â all factors which make the management of your domain portfolio that much more important, yet complex. There are many factors to consider, from who is responsible for renewal, management, and security, to what’s being done to optimise and streamline your portfolio.

New report takes the pulse on digital security

New research now shows that, while there is a wide acknowledgement of the importance of domains in brand building and maintaining customer trust (43% of respondents said they were vital), there are still significant challenges, such as security (56%), cost (40%), and keeping track of domains (34%).

This is especially true for brands that have multiple domains.

Our Global Business Survey also showed that while 56% of brands own up to 100 domains, only 18% say more than three-quarters of them are actually active. Keeping track of these domains and monitoring their value is a key part of the management strategy to ensure that core domains are secured and managed, while other brands that don’t add value to the business can be sold.

Added to the challenge is the fact that increasingly cyber security is overlapping with brand protection. Ideally, these elements should integrate to form a comprehensive strategy to keeping the brand safe and protecting its customers.

Businesses are seeing the impacts of cybercrime

Consider that 62% of brands have experienced some form of cybercrime over the last 12 months, while 23% have experienced a cyber attack specifically targeted at their domain. Both figures highlight the importance of both domain and online brand security.

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