Darts-ip for Patent Information Specialists

Darts-ip’s Sander Vermeulen our head of Business Development in The Netherlands, Nordics and Baltic States takes a moment to examine how the Darts-ip database can help Patent Information Specialists

Trying to interpret the information from patent registers? Want to get information on a patent without having to consult a local contact? For Patent Information Specialists, the Darts-ip  patent case law database contains crucial information on validity, strength and enforceability of the patents you search for. Best of all, it saves you a lot of time.

Freedom to operate (FTO)

While conducting a FTO search, one of the most crucial elements is assessing the actual danger posed by the found patents.  For instance, a lot of patent registers are not up to date on the validity of a certain patent. With Darts-ip you can instantly check if a patent has been revoked, if it has been amended, or if it has been declared unenforceable by a court.

Other essential information is whether infringement proceedings on a patent have taken place and whether a court has defined or limited the scope of protection. With Darts-ip it is easy to see which grounds, prior art and arguments have been used, and what remedies have been brought forward.

Patent invalidation

Darts-ip can also be useful when trying to invalidate a patent. It is very easy to see if some members of the simple patent family have already been (partially) revoked and on which ground. Further, it is also possible to anticipate if a certain ground for invalidity is likely to be accepted by a certain court or a board of appeal of a patent office.

Case law monitoring

A third major advantage of the Darts-ip databases for Patent Information Specialists is the possibility to monitor specific topics, companies, or technical fields. You can for instance monitor cases on a specific form of a molecule, cases in which your competitor was a plaintiff, cases in the technical field of environmental technology and much, much more. Darts-ip also offers the possibility to set automatic alerts on searches, so you will never miss a relevant case!

Custom reports for business intelligence

We’ll mention one more advantage of Darts-ip, the option to ask us specific questions on trends and developments in a technical field, a certain market, or jurisdiction. We can provide you with customized reports for this, using the data we’ve extracted from over 3 million cases.

Want to know where Darts-ip can assist you in your daily work? Please contact us today!