Parvathy Menon

U.S. Market Access Analyst

Retail giant Walmart enters the U.S. health insurance sector with Medicare plan play

Big box behemoth Walmart is getting into the U.S. market for health insurance with a pilot effort in Georgia. If successful, it could offer coverage to millions of American seniors and would represent the latest example of a chimeric healthcare offering covering payment, provision and distribution. Clarivate market access analysts Parvathy Menon and Sayantani Biswas […]

Ten hacks for leveraging illustrations to maximize the value of your patents

When it comes to patents and patent applications, a picture is indeed worth a thousand words.  A single high-quality drawing can allow an inventor to capture the essence of a complex idea in a simple, clear, and unambiguous manner.  However, some inventors and applicants find it time consuming, tedious, and expensive to have high quality […]